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Paris by bike. Rentals and tours

Bike-sharing in Paris is one of the favorite activities by both Parisians and travelers. This means that if you participate in bike-sharing you will surely live like a local in Paris. It is also a great way to move around the city from your accommodation without polluting!

Going around Paris by bike is one of the best experiences because you can truly admire the point of view that you can’t see from the underground or by bus. You can focus on what you like and go whatever you want.

You won’t move around Paris following the specific
routes of the other transports!

Moving around by bike in Paris is so popular that you will find many top tens of bike tours and bicycle rentals services. Here are which ones I recommend too!


Selected bike rentals in Paris

If you want to rent your bike once you are in the city so you can explore Paris riding a bicycle, here are some of the best bike rentals services in Paris you can refer to. They also organize great bike tours too! And if you don’t believe just me, take a look at the great reviews on the net.


  • Bike about tours
    This is the place to go if you want to start from the very center of Paris, Le Marais. Here you can just rent a bike or join a tour!
    It is in rue du Pont Louis Philippe 17, arrondissement 4


  •  Allo Velò
    Here you can rent very professional bikes too. If you would like to explore Paris neighborhoods by bike this is the place to go.
    It is in rue Beauregard 2, arrondissement 2


  • Paris a Velo C’est Sympa
    This is the place to go if you are a family or a group of friends who want to explore Paris by bicycle. It’s perfect if you are solo in Paris too. But I recommend this for families since they have lots of bikes for children and kids.
    It is in Rue Alphonse Baudin 22, arrondissement 11


  • Freescoot
    If you don’t already know if you would like to see Paris from a bike or a scooter (also Vespa type), go to Freescoot and see what you like more!
    It is in quai de la Tournelle 63, arrondissement 5


  • Veloparis
    This is the stage to do if you go for one day in Montmartre and you don’t want to use just the funicular or other transports.
    It is in rue d’Orsel 44, arrondissement 18


  • Station Oxygene
    This is one of the most loved bike rentals spots in Paris. This is because they rent very good bicycles at fair prices!
    It is in Champs de Mars, at the musée d’Orsay, arrondissement 7


Paris by bicycle, tour ideas

Whether if you have your bike or you are going to rent it, take a look at the bike tours in Paris ideas!


  • Paris city center bike tour
    First of all, I suggest exploring the center of Paris. As I mentioned, it is very difficult to have the chance to see the same views from other transports!


  • Versailles bike tour
    If you go to Versailles, as I suggest doing in Paris Travel Planning, you might also want to explore this beautiful place by bike. You can do it! There, they plan bike tours too.


  • Biking by night
    If you would like to cycling while admiring the sparkling lights of Paris, do it by joining a bike tour that is planned at night!


  • Secret Paris
    Some bike tours allow you to see “Secret Paris”. It means that locals lead you around the less touristic spots in the city. There are many tours of this type! Just be sure that you will go around with someone who knows Paris!


Bike-sharing in Paris, Vélib’ Metropole

The most recommended bike-sharing service in Paris is Velib Metropole.
Since 2018 you can rent electric bikes to reach more than 60 places in Paris neighborhoods.

Using Vélib Metropole, you will take a bike in a bicycle-sharing station and then put it back to the station that is closer to you once you don’t need the bike anymore.

To use Velib bike-sharing, you need to subscribe to the service. You can opt for a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription! That is why it is so suitable for everyone. If you want to know more about docking stations and prices, I suggest consulting the Velib Metropole official site. You can also choose and pay for your subscription in advance! The only thing is always granted is that the first 30 minutes are free!

Once you have made your subscription you will also have an online map where you can see all the bike stations available.

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