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Paris in June 2019, wheater forecast and events

paris in juneYou Paris in June 2019 is a great idea! During this month you can attend lots of events and summer music festivals. But first, it’s good to take a look on the forecast and see what will be the weather like. After that, you will know which clothes put in your suitcase. If you want to know if your favorite dress is okay for Paris in June, consult the suitcase guide! And, speaking of fashion, remember that the Summer Paris Fashion Week will be in September!

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Paris in June, what’s the weather like?

If you are going to be in Paris in June, you can take a breath of relief. The rainy days will be just 8 during the entire month! This is perfect for those who would like to spend some times in the wonderful Parks of Paris. Plus, if you want, June is the perfect month to a daytrip to Versailles or Disneyland Paris.

Anyway, if you just want to know what will be the weather like in June, you just need to know that the temperature average is around 24 C° during the day, so 75,2 F°. Another useful information is that at night, the temperature average will be around 14 C°, so 57,2 F°.

Of course, I still recommend dressing in layers in June.

I think that climate will be great during June 2019!

I think that climate will be great during June 2019!

June 2019, concerts in Paris

If you are in Paris in June 2019, I have a bunch of events to recommend. If you love concerts and music festivals, you should totally go to the “We Love Green Festival”. It is an event in Parc de Bagatelle where you can listen to folk, pop and electronic music!

For those who prefer classical music, there will be a concert dedicated to the Mozart’s Requiem in Madelaine Church. It is on June 8, at 8.30 p.m. Another event for classical music lovers is on June 21. There will be a festival dedicated to Chopin in Parc Bagatelle!

cinema la villette paris for free

Everybody knows that June 21 is dedicated to music. You can celebrate it if you are in Paris in June too. Just follow the music in the streets of the city. You will be able to say that you have joined the Fete de la Musique Festival! Concerts will be held all around Paris, indoor and outdoor.


Events for sport lovers

Paris in June is a destination for those who love soccer too. On June 7 will start FIFA Women’s World Cup. If you want to go there, matches start at 9 p.m. at Parc des Princes.

Another great idea for those who love to stay fit during holidays too, I recommend joining the bicycle festival. You can participate to the Fete du Velo starting from different spots of the city. Here you can find the info you need. 

And if you want to see another activity, take part to the Paris Air Show that will take place from June 21 to June 23 at le Bourget Airport. By going there, you will attend a show made by planes. Unforgettable!

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     Take always small change with you! If you will need a public bathroom, you will probably pay 0.50 € to enter. 


    Remember that floor numbers aren't the same of U.S. ones. In Europe we have ground floor / floor 0. It is the corresponding of the 1st floor in U.S.!


     French people are nationalists: try to speak few French words. You will make them very happy!


     Check the weather forecast in advance so you will know what to put in your luggage!


     Even if they say it will be sunny all the time, take your umbrella with you anyway.


     Read my article about transports pass to know which one is the best for you!


     If you want to buy something very luxurious, go to Lafayette Galleries.


     Don't be worried about the need for a car in Paris. Taxis and Uber are a lot!


     For your safety, provide you a travel insurance


     Study everything about transports in Paris reading the transports page of this site