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Paris Weather 2020

by Amber
What will be the weather like in Paris in 2020?



Paris Weather 2020 month by month



Paris Weather January 2020

Paris weather in January 2020 will be not so friendly for travelers. It will be very cold since the average temperature is around 39,2 F°. During mornings, there might be some fog. But, during January 2020 days in Paris, it shouldn’t be raining a lot. It only might be a bit cloudy, but even in Winter, you can experience a walk in the sun.


Paris Weather February 2020

The weather in Paris during February 2020 will be similar to the weather in January but a bit better. That is because even if in the morning is still foggy and it might be raining for at least 10 days of the month, the temperature average should be higher since it will be 44,6 F°. Sunburn is around 9 am and sunset around 7 pm. You will have a very long day to experience the carnival in Paris!


Paris Weather March 2020

Paris Weather in March 2020 will be still worse. Even if the rains should be less heavy, March is a peculiar month because of its changes. Even if during the day the temperature average in March 2020 in Paris will be 53,6 F°, on mornings and evenings it still will be very cold! The good news is that it will rain less than in January and February. And, days will last longer since the sun rises around 8 am and the Sunset is around 8 pm.



Paris Weather April 2020

April 2020 Weather in Paris is fantastic! It is one of the best months of the year to go to Paris since you can experience Spring blooming. Rainy days are finally a few and the temperature average is 66 F°. Dressing in layers is mandatory! Days are even longer and last 13 hours since the sun rises around 7 am and it goes down around 8.40 pm! A cruise on the Seine at Sunset might be magical in April!



Paris Weather May 2020

Paris Weather in May 2020 is fantastic mostly because of the temperature average. The temperature average in May 2020 in Paris is around 68 F°. Sometimes you can experience this warm weather even in the Evening! Also, the number of rainy days is lower, since it should rain only for 9 days in all the month. The May weather in Paris is perfect for visiting the city and its wonderful parks. Days are also super-long since the dawn is around 6 am and sunset around 9.30 pm.


Paris Weather June 2020

This month is probably the best, along with September, to see Paris shades at their finest. The sunlight in Paris is stunning, especially in Summertime! Even if rainy days will be 13 in all the month, June weather in Paris will be great! Sunny days will be warmer since the temperature average is 71 F° and even mornings are warm. Days will last 16 hours! The dawn will be around 6 am and the Sunset around 10 pm!


Paris Weather July 2020

On July 2020 Paris Weather gets warmer. The temperature average is 77 F° and it is one of the best temperature averages in all Europe during Summer. The weather is hot during the month but there will still be at least 12 days of rain in July 2020. Also, during Summertime in Paris, there will be some temperature peaks. During some days, the temperature might also be at 104 F°. People usually recommend going to Paris in July but be extra careful if you don’t stand hot weather!


paris plages

Paris Plages

Paris Weather August 2020

Statistics claim the temperature average in August in Paris will be 77 F°. Usually, Summer days in Paris are not so easy to live since temperature may be higher, even around 100 F°! That is why I recommend being ready to face very hot weather. In Paris, there is always much to do even when it’s too hot. For example, you can find a moment of relief at Paris Plages.
Days will still be extra-long since the sun will rise at 6.40 am and it will go down at 9 pm.


Paris Weather September 2020

September 2020 Weather should be, as always during this month, very pleasant! That is because even if it is still very hot, it should always be windy. The temperature average in September 2020 in Paris is around 70 F°. Dressing in layers is strongly recommended because of the wind. Also, during mornings, the temperature average will be 55 F°! Even if days don’t last 14 or 16 hours anymore, they still are very long since the dawn is at 7.30 am and the Sunset is at 8 pm! Rainy days should be only 7 in all the month!


Paris Weather October 2020

Paris Weather in October is still ok to visit the city being always at your ease. Temperature average is still 70 F° but mornings and evenings are way colder. That is why, once again, dressing in layers in Paris is a must! Even if October 2020 rainy days in Paris will be 10 days in the month, it will be sunny most of the time. October is one of the best months of the year to visit Paris because of the weather. In October, the dawn is around 7 am and the Sunset at 6 pm.



Paris Weather November 2020

Paris Weather in November 2020 will be cold since the temperature average is 50 F°. It is way colder in the mornings and evenings since the temperature is 40 F°. The weather in Paris during November is very cloudy and that is why it is not one of the recommended months to visit the city. I think that you can admire a Parisian Fall if you come to Paris in November. It depends on what you like! It is not the month for you if you love sunny days since the dawn is at 9 am and the Sunset is at 6 pm.



Paris Weather December 2020

Paris Weather in December will be very cold since the temperature average is 40 F° during the hottest hours of the day. Also, there usually are many cold peaks in Paris in December. Even if it is very cold and there will be around 10 days of rain all month, living Paris in December makes you experience Parisian Xmas so I do not agree with people who don’t recommend coming to Paris in December because of the weather. Sunrises around 9.40 am and the Sunset is at 6 pm.