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Pros and cons of living in Paris

students paris accommodationLiving in Paris is a unique experience that comes with pros and cons just like everything else. Here is which are the pros and cons of living in Paris according to me.


Cons of living in Paris

  • Real estate in the city center is really expensive. Finding a home in Paris is not easy.


  • If you want to actually integrate with the locals, you have to learn French.


  • Having a social life requires planning. It is not possible deciding what to do tonight in the afternoon. Culturally, French people plan even the time with their friends. If you come from another big city, you will understand this lack of spontaneity in social relationships.


  • If you are into outdoor sports activities, I would say that you’ll need to reach Normandy to enjoy the sea or the mountains. It is 2.5 hours distance from Paris, and it is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful landscapes and a different climate. Anyway, Paris often offers the possibility to enjoy nature despite being in a big city. Go to parks in Paris!


Pros of living in Paris

  • The job: if you work in finance, consulting, digital, biomedical, the opportunities are comparable in Berlin and Europe under only London. The fields of fashion and catering are hugely developed as well.


  • Life in the suburbs is very pleasant, especially for families. The towns are clean, full of green spaces, excellent schools, restaurants, shops, open-air markets, shopping centers. Also, you can get to the city of Paris in 20 minutes!



  • By train, Brussels, London, and Amsterdam are very close! Orly airport is close to the city and allows you to easily go to the main European cities.


  • If you love theatre and art exhibitions, Paris is the best you can find in Europe.