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The best English to French translators online

Whether you are in Paris or you need to communicate with somebody overseas, you may want to know which is the best English to French translators!

Such instruments are very useful in learning or improving a language. That is why learning new words in French through a translator is a good idea, whether you are following a course or not.



The best English to French translators


  • Google Translate and DeepL are 2 different types of English to French free online translator. But, they both are very good if you need a quick translation. Of course, you will still have a machine translation. This means you will surely miss some nuances while translating. Anyway, you will figure out the meaning of a sentence you don’t understand. Or, you can try to use them for very basics communications.


  • Translate me is considered by far one of the best English-French-English translation apps. That is because it is very similar to google translate but it has been tested several times to communicate in the French language. Plus, it is very easy-to-use!


  • Another much-loved translation site to learn French words is Reverso. More than an app or a site with lessons and paths, you can use it as a dictionary to consult pronto. The real plus, in the case of the French language, is that Reverso headquarters are in France!
    Another great site to consult to better understand whole sentences is WordReference. In this case, the real plus of WordReference is that they don’t propose automatic or literally translations.


  • If you are looking for the bests English to French translator to consult for academic researches or to be 100% sure of the text, go for online translators. My favorite is Localization Guru. It is an online-first translation agency that provides translations for every context. Whether you need a text for your website, a paper, or a contract, you can ask for a price quote in 2 minutes. You don’t even need to give them your contact information!
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