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The best French tv series to learn French through tv shows

, If you would like to learn French through tv series, here are the best recent ones!

French directors are famous all over the world! But not everyone knows that French directors are great in shooting tv series too. That is why hare I recommend the best French series to follow.

This list is designed for those who would like to learn French through series. By choosing streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime video, you can add subtitles to most of them and making your favorite tv shows in the perfect French TV show for beginners.


Learning a language online has never been so doable!


French tv series to learn French


  • Les Revenants
    Les Revenants is a tv series about a French small village. In this tv show, some dead people come back to be inhabitants of the village again as if they are not dead. Every episode is about different characters that, coming back to life, “surprises” his or her darlings and friends.
    This world-famous tv show about a French village had great reviews by critics and fans. It can keep your eyes glued to the screen if you love the French existentialism attitude.


  • Braquo
    If you are more into drama French tv series, I recommend Braquo. It is a police drama set in Belgium and France through you can see lots of different places. Also, you may be curious about a tv series in France that had a huge share. In a nutshell, the plot is about 4 policemen that try to go on with their life after a colleague suicide due to unfair accusation.


  • Marseille
    If you are looking for French tv series on Netflix, note down the Marseille tv show. The cast of these series gives you the chance to know one of the most important French actors GĂ©rard Depardieu! It is a political drama that starts from picturing the life of the Mayor of Marseille. But this series is very peculiar and full of surprises: just think that the Marseille mafia is involved!


  • Versailles
    Another political drama French tv series on Netflix is Versailles. If you know the minimum about the history of France, you can imagine what this series is about! King Louis 14 is the pivot of the Versailles tv show. Beware: even if this French series has beautiful settings and scenarios, the facts represented do not reflect the truth!


  • Profilage
    If you are planning to come to Paris, you can’t miss Profilage, since it is set in Paris! The whole story is about Chloe Saint-Lourent, a detective that must solve a homicide case. It is the perfect tv series to take a glance at many spots of Paris, even from unexpected perspectives. It’s a good French tv series about spies!
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