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The best Youtube channels to learn French from home

Whether you are stuck at home or you need an easy way to learn French from home before coming to Paris, here are some pieces of advice. Going to some Youtube channels, you can start learning the French language from its very basics.

Or, if you can speak French already, you can refer to intermediate or advanced French language videos to improve yourself with listening and to learn French idioms.

Here are the top 5 of the Youtube Channels to learn French from home.


Learn French from home on YouTube


  • If you do not know a word in French, “Oh La La, I Speak French” is the channel to follow. This Youtube web series is about two sisters living in Los Angeles. The first videos are in a DELF A1 Level, so it really fits the needs of beginners! Through “Oh La La, I Speak French” you can upgrade your level at every episode. But let’s see the real plus of this series to learn French from home. The set of season 2 is in Paris! Once you have learned the basics, you can access the further step. It consists of learning the French language and start exploring Paris at the same time!


  • Frenchpod101 is the perfect channel for those who would like to learn French from home in small bites. Once you can understand the better French language, you can come back to this channel to listen to podcasts! I recommend this channel to those who would like to improve French listening.


  • If you are looking for some videos about French grammar, go at”Learn French with Vincent“. It is a youtube channel where you can find videos, gradually ordered, that teach French from the basics to the most complex rules. Also, there are many realistic dialogues! A similar channel is “Learn French with Pascal“. It is perfect for those who would like to learn French from home improving the pronunciation, and learning songs!


  • Français Authentique is the channel to follow if you already know French. If you are at an intermediate or advanced level, you can watch the videos of this channel to learn French idioms or to listen to talks about topics. This will make you learn French and improve your general knowledge! Johan, who runs the channel, also created a podcast named Français Authentique and a course named Français Authentique course.


  • JeFrench is a Youtube channel based on having fun while learning the French language from home. Every video is a mini-lesson through which you can understand all the basics of the French language. At every step, you memorize everything thanks to special images and illustrations.
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