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Things Not to Do in Paris, a list

If you are coming to Paris, you might want to know what is not to do in Paris! But, unlike other lists, these are not information useful to know for your safety. These are pieces of advice to live your stay in Paris at your best!


Here’s how to find the authentic Paris!


What is not to do in Paris, a list

It is difficult to understand what is not to do in Paris. That is because this city is so famous that everybody has their own ideas about it even if they didn’t visit it already!

What I recommend not to do in Paris is too touristic experiences. To live Paris at its best, I suggest trying to live it like a local. Here are some ideas on how to make it happen!


  • ¬†Not to do in Paris: Insist to get on top paying
    You might be enchanted by the Eiffel Tower or by the Arc de Triomphe. But, instead of wasting your time in long queues, I suggest taking Montmartre funicular to admire one of the most famous views in Paris!


  • Don’t look only for famous restaurants and brasseries
    When you have to choose where to eat in Paris, you can decide from hundreds of alternatives! What I suggest doing in these cases is to consider even the “less famous” places but still local and of high quality.


  • Don’t leave your kids at home!
    Paris is the perfect city to go with kids too! There are many activities to do in Paris with kids. My favorite is going to Parc de la Villette, where there are so many museums and events.


  • Do not shop only in malls
    I know: Paris is famous for Lafayette galleries and BHV. But, even if I recommend going to these places to fashion victims, I would give more chances to smaller local shops. Take a look at where to go shopping in Paris on the right bar of this page!


  • Not to do: staying only in Paris
    If you go to Paris, mostly if you plan a long stay, you can’t miss the possibility to admire Paris neighborhoods as well. The most popular place in Paris neighborhoods is Disneyland Paris but you have to consider other splendid places as Giverny, Vaux-le-Vicomte, and Versailles.