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Traditional dishes for a French New Year’s Eve

french menu new years eveCelebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris this year is not as easy as in the past. Due to the restrictions to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, there will be no chance to celebrate the arrival of the new year outside.

To give a French touch to your celebrations for 2021, you can include at least one of the traditional dishes, the must of the New Year’s Eve French Menu.


Traditional meals of a French New Year’s Eve

If you would like to compose a French menu to celebrate New Year’s Eve, here are the dishes that you must include!
These are just a selection of what French people usually eat on New Year’s Eve. Traditions may vary from area to area, and it’s so beautiful to discover which are the differences. What puts people together would surely be champagne!


  • Even if in Paris the most popular soup is made with onions, the chestnut soup is a great alternative. Just pay attention to its creaminess!


  • If you love French culture enough to collect ideas about a French Menu for New Year’s Eve dinner, you may already know that the duck is one of the most traditional dishes in France. That is why I suggest including duck legs as part of the main course of your New Year’s Eve dinner. Salt them with herbs, and braised them in a bath before roasted the legs until the desired crispiness.


  • Those who can’t stand to eat ducks can opt for beef. The Daube de Boeuf à la Gasconne recipe is made with beef and vegetables with Armagnac, chocolate, and Madiran wine.


  • A tradition of the New Year’s Eve French Menu is the Gateau Millasson. It is a French egg custard made with flour. It is not so easy as it seems but nothing that you can’t solve with a tutorial!