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French and Paris Cuisine, info and facts

Paris cuisine is famous all over the world. That is because it proposes lots of recipes and you can explore the taste of many foods.

Once you are in France, you can’t miss the possibility to taste Paris cuisine traditional dishes.

Also, in Paris, you can attend many cooking classes. I suggest looking for atelier-cuisines you can access to take lessons from the greatest chefs! Just read carefully reviews and watch out for a discount code, since you can attend a lesson without spending too much money.

Anyway, before being too much involved, you must taste what we are talking about. Here I suggest how and where. Also, you can learn a lot from random facts about Paris cuisine! And, if you are looking for an evening about Paris wine and romance, you are in the right place anyway.


paris cuisineTraditional French and Parisian Cuisine most famous dishes


  • Onions Soup 
    This is one of the most important traditional Parisian cuisine dishes. It’s a recipe with onions and beef stock that usually comes with croutons and cheese on top. It is so ancient that the Romans used to eat it too!


  • Coq au vin
    Coq au vin is a traditional French cuisine recipe who became famous thanks to the Julia Child tv show. Chicken braised with wine, pork or bacon, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and mushrooms are what compose this dish.



  • Confit de canard
    Le canard is one fundamental ingredient of traditional Parisian cuisine. That is why canard stands for ducks! Duck meat is prepared with a slow-cooking process (i.e. the confit). The duck is marinated in salt, thyme, and garlic in 36 hours. You can taste it with roasted potatoes!


  • Chocolate soufflé
    Also, this recipe is famous all over the world! Soufflé means to blow out and that is why this dessert is so airy even if it is covered with a crispy crust. French eat it since the 18th century!


  • Tarte Tatin
    This French cuisine dessert was born by accident, when, in 1898, Stephanie Tartin dropped the apples in sugar and butter for too long and she created the pastry layer on top of the Tarte Tatin apple pie. There is even a Hotel, the Tatin’s, that owes its name to this recipe!



paris cuisine restaurantFrench cuisine restaurants in Paris

If you are looking for a place where you can taste authentic traditional French cuisine in Paris, that’s the list you have to save. Just be prepared for the fact that French cuisine is a luxury!


  • Kei restaurant
    This is where you must go if you want to experience pure French and Parisian cuisine. This is one of the highest quality restaurants in Paris.
    It is in 5 Rue Coq Héron, arrondissement 1


  • Le Gabriel
    This is the perfect place to go if you like elegant restaurants where you can taste traditional French cuisine also in modern revisitation.
    It is in 42 Avenue Gabriel, arrondissement 8


  • Semilla
    This traditional French cuisine restaurant in Paris proposes traditional recipes from a new perspective. The real plus it’s that it is very cozy as well.
    It is in 54 Rue de Seine, arrondissement 4


  • Le Cinq
    This restaurant is in the Fours Seasons Hotel George V in Paris and it is in many Michelin guides. It is the place where you can understand what “gourmet” means.
    It is in 31 Avenue George V, arrondissement 16


  • Chez L’Ami Jean
    Such as the others, this restaurant is one of the best in Paris too. You can read about it in many Michelin guides. It is probably the place that is traditional in it is interiors too!
    It is in 27 Rue Malar, arrondissement 7


asian cuisine parisAsian cuisine in Paris

Even if French traditional cuisine proposes so many recipes, in Paris Asian cuisine is very famous too. That is why I decided to include a very short list of the places you need to go if you want to try Asian cuisine in Paris.


  • La Taverne de Zhao
    If you want to try traditional Asian cuisine in Paris but from a specific area, you need to go to this place. This is where you can discover many eastern Chinese dishes.
    It is in 49 rue des Vinaigries, arrondissement 10


  • Trois fois plus de piment
    If you like Chinese food and you would like the try the spiciest, that is the place to go. Its name actually means “Three times more pepper”! Also, this place is also known as where you can taste the best noodles in France!
    It is in 184 rue Saint-Martin, arrondissement 3


  • Kokoya
    If you are into Japanese food, you must go to Kokoya! It is always very crowded so be sure to make a reservation.
    It is in 5 rue ddes Batignolles, arrondissement 17


french cuisine5 facts about Paris cuisine

I like reading random facts I didn’t know about something that I love such as French and Parisian cuisine! Here what surprised me the most:


  • You can eat cheese in 1000 ways
    Paris is famous for the cheese you can taste there too. What you might not know is that there is more than a cheese degustation dish for taste these flavors! In France, you can choose among 1000 traditional recipes.


  • Croissant is not Parisian
    The croissant is probably one of the most famous pastries that French manage the best. Anyway, the original croissant wasn’t thought in France at all! It comes by Wien. I must say that in Paris you will taste the bests anyway.


  • Crepes are not Parisian
    This is something that always surprises people. The world-famous crepe is not a Parisian dish! It is still correct to say that it is a traditional and typical French food since this recipe comes from Brittany, in northern France.


  • French wine? Wait 20 minutes
    Are you thinking of a special evening dedicated to Paris wine and romance? If you want to taste a French wine at its bests, you must wait for 20 minutes after you open the bottle. It is the correct amount of time to make the wine “breathe”.


Parisians care a lot about this ritual!


  • Different important meals
    While in another part of the world breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in Paris lunch is the king! That is why breakfast can be composed just by a croissant and coffee and lunch can be also 2 hours long!



croissant baguette paris cuisineCroissant vs baguette

Parisian cuisine involves many battles and discussions. One of them is about croissant vs baguette for sure. These are two of the most famous foods you will eat in Paris and France.

What is a croissant? The croissant is a wiener pastry that Paris reinvented magnifically. It is usually eaten for breakfast but there are many salty variations too.

What is a baguette? Baguette is a type of French bread. It is famous for its long-form – it is about 26 inches long – and French still carry eat under the arm! You can taste many baguettes with French charcuteries (a great variety of hams and cheeses).

Croissant and baguette is an infinite topic because there is a lot of confusion about when you have to eat each of them!

Many people don’t have to figure out that even if croissant has salty variations.  And, of course, you can put a chocolate bar in a baguette, they are “designed” for different aims.

Croissant is perfect for breakfast and the baguette is good for lunch. Anyway, probably the final answer to a question about which one is most famous or tasteful is: pain au chocolat!


Tasting in Paris passport

The dream of many travelers that would like to join a tasting in Paris, is a passport to Paris wine and romance. Translated: a tour in places where you can experience authentic French cuisine. Here I propose a fair solution to make this dream come true.


The tasting passport is a special pass that you have that allows you to taste something in many places. It costs around 50 dollars and it is valid every day of the year. I think is a fair price, considering that it gives you the chance to have an idea about the world-famous French cuisine!


This is unique to explore the city!


What you get if you buy a tasting passport? You can be sure to experience Paris cuisine and French gastronomy. This happens because you can access the sampling of French food products around 3 areas of the city.

It is a unique way to explore the city! You can taste every product in 12 different shops. Plus, you get a booklet in French or the English language to collect all the information you need to decide what to taste.

Going to all the most typical shops, you will also have the chance to buy the best quality souvenirs. Even if the best gift is to live an experience like this!