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Visit Paris in One Day!

If you can visit Paris in one day, don’t worry! You got this! I know that not everyone has a lot of time to explore every corner of the city. Anyway, this does not mean that you can’t see the most important things.

Here you will find how to visit Paris in one day. Precisely, you will know what to see first and what to do. One more important thing: you will find where to eat too!



Spend a day in Paris, the morning program

If you one to visit Paris in one day, I suggest starting from Trocadero. You can get there by taking metro line 6 or metro line 9  After getting off at the Trocadero metro stop, you can walk along the Seine and admire the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

The second stage could be Place de la Concorde, one of the most beautiful square. From here, you can go to the Arc de Triomphe from which you can walk through the Champs Elysees!

This plan allows you to see the most important attractions of this area of Paris.



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A day in Paris, afternoon schedule

If you are visiting Paris in one day, you have to ways to spend the afternoon:

  • You can book a cruise on the Seine and rest since you have walked all the time. From the Bateaux mouches, you will know a lot about Paris. There are guides in many languages and you will pass under the bridges of Paris.
    After doing this, you can explore the islands of the city. Ile de la Cité and Ile Saint-Louis are unique places. There you can see lots of beautiful Palaces (that in Paris are called Hotel). Plus, you can enjoy the visit to parks as square Barye.


  • You can visit the Latin Quarter. Go to Boulevard Saint-German and breathe the authentic Parisian atmosphere. Then, you can taste something at one of the cafès on the street or go to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. If you don’t want to walk there, you can take the bus line no. 60, 69, or 102. In Pere Lachaise cemetery you will see the places where great minds such as Modigliani, Proust, and Jim Morrison are resting in peace.



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Paris in 1 day, what to do in the late afternoon

In this part of the day, if you want to visit Paris in 1 day, I suggest two solutions.

  • You can go to Montmartre and admire the city from above. You can do it by taking the funicular. Once there you can go to the Place du Tetre, a very lively area of this district. Or, you can go to the Sacre Coeur cathedral. The real plus is to go to the Saint Pierre church, the true love of Parisians.


  • Reach La Bastille district. You can go there by metro. Then, you can visit attractions such as the Opera and the Madeleine. They both are historical buildings and architectural masterpieces.



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Evening proposal

If you have done everything on the list of my suggestions for visit Paris in one day, here what else you can do.

At the end of your Paris in one day experience, I suggest going to rue Oberkampf. That is because here you can find every type of place you could choose to eat. Plus, this is the place to be if you want to drink something before or after dinner too. Even if you prefer buying something somewhere else I suggest going to rue Oberkampf to enjoy the unique atmosphere that there is in this place in the evening.



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Last but not least: Where to eat?

Here a bunch of places you can note down:

  • Boulangerie Bechu, 188 avenue Victor Hugo;
  • Café Suedois, 11 rue Payenne;
  • Marché des Enfants Rouges, 39 rue de Bretagne;
  • Montmartre Tavern, 25 rue Gabrielle;
  •  Café Charbon, 109 rue Oberkampf;


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