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What to do on Halloween 2019 in Paris

Many people don’t know what to do on Halloween 2019 in Paris. But it is a great time of the year to visit the city! Even if this is an American “tradition”, European and Parisians love Halloween too. It is a double exploration since you can move around the city and you can see how they live these kinds of celebrations.


What to do on Halloween 2019 in Paris

You can choose among many ways to spend time on Halloween 2019 in Paris. If you would like to live a fully-organized experience and see pumpkins 24/7, I strongly recommend going to Disneyland Paris. That is because they think about everything and also on Halloween 2019, they will design every little thing.

Since Disneyland is not the only amusement park in Paris, you have other opportunities. You can go to Parc Asterix, in Plailly. Going there, you will admire the gothic decorations that will be in the park until November 2.


Another great idea on how to spend Halloween 2019 in Paris, is to visit its castles! Paris neighborhoods are rich in castles. Whether you go to Disneyland or not, you can plan a daily trip to one of the French castles close to Paris. I would go to the one in Thoiry. In Thoiry, people always organize many events for Halloween! But, if you have already been to Thoiry or you would like to go to a place that easier to reach, I suggest going to Vaux-le-Vicomte. It is one of the castles I like the most because of the beauty of its landscape. There, you can also take part to many events and dinners.


It’s a perfect atmosphere!


One more idea on what to do on Halloween 2019 in Paris is to go to the Foire de Automne that will take place in Porte de Versailles. I love going to this kind of event in Porte de Versailles because you have the opportunity to watch great objects from all over the world. Also, you can make great affairs! For Halloween 2019, in the same event, you will have the occasion to access a Halloween area. It is a place where you and your kids will have the chance to get out fully covered in horror make-up!


If you would like to do something that for others is “too much”, Koezio is the place to go. During October the 30th and the 31st, you can access an area of this park in Paris that is really frightening! You will get access to 5 dark rooms where you can move around just using a torch. That is to find the clues that will take you back to the world. It is not so easy and it is not for you if you are anxious. That is why it is forbidden access to under 16!


Another “creepy” place to go on Halloween 2019 in Paris is the Manoir de Paris. It used to be a factory but now it is a scenario of many stories: the Phantom of the Opera, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Iron mask… You can visit this attraction during all the months of the year. But it’s only on Halloween that you can go there masked!


Football lovers must go to the Stade de France on Halloween days. That is because from the 16.30 of the 30th of October to November the 1st, they planned very special tours!