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What to eat in Paris in Fall

food puns parisIf you are planning to come to Paris in Fall, you should take a look at what to eat here as well. Be prepared to be amazed by the typical dishes that the French people eat in Fall.

Fall is one of the best seasons to be in Paris. The atmosphere in the city is magic, even if it usually rains several times a day. That is why before my pieces of advice about what to eat in Paris in the Fall I recommend taking an umbrella with you!

foodWhat to eat in Paris in Fall 2022

Once you are in Paris you have a lot of food to taste. After having crepes and omelets for breakfast, you should take the chance to try some more traditional food. While you can try classics in every season of the year, there are some products to taste especially in Fall. Take a look at the lists of ingredients that taste better in Fall. Following the seasonability of the products, you will taste French cuisine at its finest.

Paris traditional food in Fall
Shellfish, cabbage, pumpkins, and mushrooms are the typical ingredients of French cuisine in Fall and Winter. You will notice it by taking a look at the market stalls. In fact, one experience you can’t miss is going to the markets in Paris.
What to eat in Paris in Fall? Savory pies, vegetable soups, gratins, sautéed vegetables, and other dishes. In Fall and Winter, such dishes are perfect!

Plus advice: Go to the Maison Plisson
The Maison Plisson only offers seasonal products. For the sweet tooth, Fall is the occasion of tasting vegetables and seasonal fruits of excellent quality. Plus there is also the possibility to buy selected meat. Maison Plisson offers the chance to taste dishes prepared with food from the best French companies.