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Where to eat Paris brest

paris brestParisian cuisine is famous all over the world for desserts. Just think about the crepes and to eclairs. One of the most famous and typical also is the Paris Brest. Here is why such types of sweets are so famous and where to go to taste the best one once you are in Paris.

Tasting desserts in Paris is among the best activities you can do if you are coming to the city with your children. Also, tasting desserts is something you can do on the go while stepping from one attraction to another.


Le Paris Brest

paris brestThe Paris Brest is a patisserie of Maisons-Laffitte. It is a special sweet that Chef Louis Durand prepared in 1910. It was meant to be in a shape of a bicycle wheel at the request of Pierre Giffard. This landmark was represented so well that many pastry chefs carry on the tradition of Paris-Brest, preparing the “bike radius” with bread dough. Paris brests can even have 30-50 centimeters of diameter.

Paris-Brest is my favorite French dessert, it’s made with Choux pastry (just like the fluffy puffs), but in the middle is the mousseline cream and there are almonds. It seems a simple dessert to make but you can easily find the difference between a good and an excellent one.

And what about the shape of this sweet? Every chef tries to make one with a different shape, sometimes adding some secret ingredients.


Where to eat the Paris Brest

Where you can taste the best Paris-Brest in Paris? I suggest you go to La patisserie des rĂªves, (its name literally means ‘the pastry of dreams’). The chef of this place is very fond of children because he creates very original recipes for them. Plus, this pastry even won the best Paris-Brest award in Paris.