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3 random facts about Paris

app parisWould you like to know the Parisian culture better before coming to Paris? Paris history is fascinating and there is always more to learn about it. Here are the information to know and some random facts about the city to better understand the Parisian culture.



Facts about Paris

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Here are some facts about Paris that will make you see the city from a different perspective.

  • Paris is the Capital city of France. Some of its geographical characteristics are famous all over the world. Just think of the Seine river! The choice of the topographical site was originally determined by the presence of an island, the Île-de-la-Cité, which made crossing the river easier. It also is a great position for defense.


  • Administratively, the city was part of the department of the Seine until 1965. The reorganization of the local authorities of the Paris Region led to the division of the city into 20 districts known as arrondissement. The arrondissements are 20. Each one is marked by a Roman numeral progressively increasing according to the distance from the Louvre.


  • The name of Paris derives from that of the Parisii, a People of Gaul settled in the same area. The French name derives from the locution Civitas Parisiorum, the Roman toponym of the city, later renamed Lutecia (Lutèce in French) Parisiorum.
    The ancient name of the city, Lutecia, and of 2 of its districts, the Marais and the mountain of Sainte-Geneviève the ancient Lucotecia, indicate that there were marshes in the area. In Celtic, the root “luto” indicates swamp or mud. Paris inherited this name even if the area wasn’t swampy but fertile. Being the site of a Gallic tribe, the Parisii, the Roman invaders called the place Lutetia Parisiorum, which means ‘the swamp occupied by the Parisii’. Then, Lutetia took the current name of the city.