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Le Marais, updated guide

Le Marais is one of my favorite districts in Paris. That is why I recommend lots of accommodation that are in this area of Paris. For many travelers, Le Marais is the best area to stay in Paris too!

It is a super central district Just think that you are at 50 minutes metro distance from Charles De Gaulle CDG and Paris Orly airports. Plus, you are also at 10 minutes metro distance from Chatelet Les Halles and 30 minutes metro distance from the Eiffel Tower.

I love it because it is a district where new and traditional mix. You can breathe the authentic Parisian atmosphere and discover the latest boutique after a second. After exploring the Marais many times, I decided to propose a list of things to do and places to go in the beautiful Marais!

If you don’t stay in this area and you want to visit it, I suggest taking the metro. You can get off at Hotel de Ville, Saint-Paul, Pont Marie, Cité…


Last update: 11/03/2020


Museums in Le Marais

If you love knowing new things and lose yourself in front of beautiful masterpieces, here are the two best museums in Le Marais:


  • carnavalet museum

    Carnavalet Museum

    Musée Carnavalet. It is the museum of Paris where you can discover everything about the history of the city. It is open from Tuesday to Monday and the entrance costs around 7 euros.






  • cognacq jay museum paris

    Cognacq-Jay Museum

    Musée Cognacq-Jay. This museum is about the art of the 18th century. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and the entrance is free.






  • museum hunting nature paris

    Museum of Hunting and Nature

    Museum of Hunting and Nature. In the beautiful palace named Hotel de Guénégaud, you can find out everything about hunters and naturalists of all times. It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays. Opening hours are from 11 am to 6 pm. The tickets cost around 6-8 €.






picasso museum in paris

Paris Picasso Museum

  • Musée Picasso. As you might guess, here you can find lots about Picasso and people who worked with him. It’s one of the most important museums in Paris! The ticket cost varies from 5 € to 14 €. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 am to 6 pm.




  • judaism museum

    Museum of Art and History of Judaism

    Museum of Art and History of Judaism. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris and it is one of the most important archives about Jewish culture. The tickets cost around 10 euros. Opening hours vary. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are from 11 am to 6 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 pm. Wednesday is open from 11 am to 9 pm. Monday is closed.





  • victor hugo maison museum paris

    Victor Hugo House Museum

    Victor Hugo museum. You can visit the house of the world-wide famous French author of Les Misérables. It is in Place des Voges, another attraction to see in Le Marais. In this area, you can see the most ancient houses with the newest constructions.





The culture center of Le Marais, Georges Pompidou center / Beaubourg

The Georges Pompidou center is in the very center of Paris and it is one of its most important attractions. It is not “just” a museum but a place to go there even if you are in Paris with kids!

At the Beaubourg, you can find events and activities for people of all ages, laboratories, and happenings. Plus, it is one of the places where the most important temporary exhibitions of contemporary art take place in Paris. You can also go there just to enjoy the view of Paris from the Beaubourg center!

Pompidou center is a very important building itself since it is designed by the two architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. It is the expression of industrial architecture!

Georges Pompidou center is in Place Georges-Pompidou.
It is open every day of the year except on Tuesdays and on May 1. You can visit it from Wednesdays to Mondays, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Georges Pompidou timetables vary for Atelier Brancusi and the Library. Atelier Brancusi opening hours are from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Beaubourg Library timetable is from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.).

How to go to Georges Pompidou Center / Beaubourg? You can go there by metro and get off at one of the following stations: Rambuteau, Hotel de Ville, Chatelet-Les Halles. Or, you can go there by bus by taking one of the following lines: 21, 29, 38, 47, 70, 72, 58, 69, 74, 75, 76, 81, 96, 85.



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Famous streets to visit in Le Marais

Le Marais is quite big so it might be useful to know which are the best streets and secret alleys to visit once you are there!


  • Rue des Rosiers, arrondissement 4
    This is an iconic street in Le Marais! There you can find cafès, bistros, boutiques… You will see Paris as you see it in movies! Romantic and dreamy.


  • Rue Chanoinesse, arrondissement 4
    If you walk along this street, you will know a lot about the myths hidden in its walls! Plus, you can also visit many courtyards paved with repurposed gravestones…

ue chanoinesse map marais


  • Rue des Barres, arrondissement 4
    This is one of the famous streets to visit in Le Marais if you want to admire the medieval in Paris. If you go there, you can’t miss a visit to St-Gervais church and Couperin square.

rue des barres


  • Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, arrondissement 3
    In this street, you can find many interesting shops, chic boutiques! Plus, you can admire historical buildings and palaces. It is so beautiful that they even plan entire tours here!

rue des francs bourgeois map paris le marais


  •  Rue Nicolas Flamel, arrondissement 4
    Nicolas Flamel was an actual person way before the JK Rowling saga, Harry Potter! Anyway, if you go to this street, you will admire a large tower at its end, Tour Saint Jacques and the medieval remains in Paris.

rue nicolas flamel marais map


  • Quai de la Tournelle, arrondissement 5
    From this point of view, you can admire Notre Dame from a different perspective. And, you can also easily explore the Latin Quarter in Paris. I also recommend going shopping at the Bouquinistes of Paris!


quai de la tournelle paris m aps





Where to go shopping in Le Marais

Here are the addresses of the best fashion stores in Le Marais!

If you are into fashion, you have to know that in Le Marais you can find fashion stores that are so important to be historical! That’s why you can also find tour experiences about shopping in Le Marais. The “obligatory” stages you need to do are:

  • Le BHV Marais (also known as Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville) 
    The BHV Marais was founded in 1856. It is one of the oldest department stores in Paris. It sells what you need for men, women and… pets! Here is the place wherein 1914 Marcel Duchamp bought the bottle rack that became the first ready-made of history!
    It is at the 52 Rue de Rivoli, arrondissement 4.


  • Merci
    It is a concept store where you can find everything you need! From clothing to interior design. There you can find clothes for men and women but also lamps, soaps, and luggage!
    It is in Boulevard Beaumarchais 111, arr. 3.


  • Maje
    This brand is active since 1999 and it always is in the top ten fashion stores in Le Marais. It is the place to shop if you like a style between basic and chic.
    It is at the 22 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, arr. 4.


  • Sandro
    Sandro was born in 1984. Here you can find the same style of Maje, so basic but chic, in a Parisian style. If you want to be sure to buy something that a local would buy too, that’s the place!
    It is in 47 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, arr. 4.


  • Muji
    This is one of the most loved shops in Le Marais! This is the perfect place for those who love to have a minimalist or essential style. Plus, there you can also shop interior design objects!
    It is in 47 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, arr. 4.



Le Marais is divided into arrondissements 3 and 4. Crossing these two arrondissements, you can shop in others of the best boutiques you will find in this area:

  • Isabel Marant, 47 rue Saintonge;
  • Pring, 29 rue Charlot;
  • Violette et Léonie, 1 rue de Saintonge;
  • L’Habilleur, 44 rue de Poitou;
  • Studio W, 21 rue du Pont aux Choux
  • Galerie BSL, 23 rue Charlot;
  • Ofr, 20 rue Dupetit-Thouars;
  • Hier, Aujourd’hui, Demain, 14 rue de Bretagne;



Shopping in Le Marais walking tour

If you love shopping and you are in Paris, you can’t miss the chance to go shopping in Le Marais. In arrondissement 4 you can find the best boutiques!

I think that one of the best things one can do to plan the shopping activity is to book a special shopping tour. For example, this one is designed to make you visit every important shop in Le Marais in just 3 hours! It is a reasonable amount of time during you can take notes about where you want to come back. Or, if you don’t try everything on, it is the perfect occasion to enjoy shopping without wasting time.

If you book the shopping walking tour, you will be sure to go shopping in selected places. What I like the most is that if you join this tour, the qualified guide can modify the stages based on your taste!

If you go shopping in Le Marais you visit the most elegant streets in Paris. Plus, you will finally find out why this city is so famous for its fashion. This tour is designed to make you know better the world of fashion.

Le Marais is a door to the Fashion World!

You can plan this experience from Tuesdays to Sundays in the afternoon, from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.


    • Sunday Shopping in Le MaraisEven if it is a  crowded district, you can still go to Le Marais on Sunday to go shopping in its famous streets! Clothes shopping in Le Marais is the best since there are lots of chic boutiques.You can enjoy shopping during all hours of the day. Also, since you are in the very center of Paris, you won’t need a special map. It is very easy to go there by metro. Just note down the names of the most important boutiques, from the more affordable to the most expensive, to go straight where you want to.You can start your shopping Sunday in Le Marais at Nature & Découvertes boutique named Fleux, where you can find everyday objects elegantly designed. It is in 39 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie (arr. 3)Another stage could be Uniqlo: if you want to live like a local, you have to know that this is one of the most crowded apparel shops in Paris! It is in 39 rue des Francs-Bourgeois (arr. 3 and 4)If you want to do some luxury shopping in Le Marais, Chanel is the place to go. Or, even if you don’t have to buy anything, you can still go there to admire the art of fashion put into practice. It is in 40 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois (arr. 3 and 4)Otherwise, if you want to go shopping in an affordable boutique in Le Marais, I suggest going to COS in 4 rue des Rosiers (arr. 4).



Where to eat in Le Marais

If you decide to spend a day visiting le Marais, you will need to eat something! You can choose between historical and traditional restaurants, bistros and traditional cafès!

Here you can find some of the best traditional restaurants in Paris. If you want to make your day in Le Marais the chance to taste something good, choose among the following places:

  • L’Ange 20 
    Here you feel like home because the place and the atmosphere is so cozy. But, you will taste great dishes made with few ingredients.
    It is in 44 rue des Tournelles, arr. 4


  • Robert et Louise
    This is one of the most famous places where you can eat in Le Marais. For 30 years, Robert and Louise amaze locals and travelers with their dishes. Some of them are gluten-free too!
    It is in 64 Rue Vieille du Temple, arr 3.


  • Le Temps des Cerises
    If you would like to taste Parisian dishes in a ballroom, here is the place for you! Since the 1830s, Le Temps des Cerises offers many dishes. Most of them don’t cost too much and some of them are very elaborated!
    It is in 31 Rue de la Cerisaie, arr. 4.


If you have already eaten in one of those, you can choose among others of the following places:

  • Café Sueédois, 11 rue Payenne;
  • Le Café Charlot, 38 rue de Bretagne;
  • Café Le Progrés, 1 rue de Bretagne;
  • La Bague de Kenza, 70 rue Turbigo
  • Jounnault, 39 rue de Bretagne;
  • El Carrito, 56 rue Saintonge;



Where to stay in Le Marais, short term rentals

You can choose from lots of short term rental apartment in Le Marais. Some of them are luxury rentals too!
If you want to know the pros and cons of each of them, find out about which one you are more curious about.


bookstore apartment

The Bookstore Apartment in Le Marais is where you can book accommodation and live a unique experience at once.



accommodation in le maraisBook the Accommodation with your own patio if you are coming to Paris with a group of friends or with your family. This place is huge!



comfortable apartment

The Comfortable Apartment in Le Marais is a cozy place is where to go with your partner, with your kids or for business travel. It’s very neat. Plus, it’s super central!



apartment in le marais

What I love about this Bright Apartment in Le Marais is that it’s very bright and it’s close to transports and lots of attractions in Paris.



1-bedroom flat in le maraisThe 1-Bedroom Flat in Le Marais is the cozy accommodation for short rentals in Le Marais that is neat and colorful. Perfect for business travel or 2/3 people.



3-bedroom flat in Le MaraisThe 3-Bedroom Flat in Le Marais is the place to stay if you are in 3 couples or in a group of friends. It is a great short rental for a family in Paris too!




short rentals in Le MaraisAnother Short Rentals Flat in Le Marais, great for business travel, couples or a family. A very fully equipped open space!



Luxury Hotels in Le Marais

I know that not everybody fancy to stay in accommodations like short term rentals apartments. That is why I also suggest some of the most beautiful luxury hotels in Le Marais too.


  • Le Pavillon de la Reine (*****);
    If you love being in places where there is beauty step after step, this surely is one of those.


  • Hotel Dupond-Smith (*****);
    The rooms of this hotel are modern but essential without missing the right amount of extravagance!


la chambre du marais paris

La Chambre du Marais

  • La Chambre du Marais (****);
    This hotel in Le Marais is one of the best if you want to relax the moment you enter your room. Comfortable sofas and beds around every corner!


  • Hotel de Joséphine Bonaparte (****);
    If you want to stay in Paris like a king or a queen, the sumptuous room of this luxury hotel in Le Marais is the place for you!


  • Le Tournelle (***);
    Modern and colorful furniture makes you feel very well welcomed here.



Nightlife in Le Marais

Nightlife in Le Marais is very famous because there is entertainment for everyone. Le Marais is a district that accepts everyone, from Jewish to gay people. LGBT community is very strong here, so if you are looking for gay or friendly clubs, that is the best area in Paris.

When you are in the mood to have some fun or you just want to go clubbing, I suggest to enjoy the nightlife in Le Marais in one of the following streets:

  • Rue Vieille du Temple, arr. 4;
  • the famous Rue de Rivoli, arr.4;
  • Rue Saint Croix de Bretonnerie, arr. 4;

If I would have to suggest some precise place where to have something to eat or to drink at night in Le Marais, I would go to one of the followings:

  • Yono (previously known as Chez Richard)
    Here you can surely drink something special since you can choose from about 40 cocktails! And, they often plan temporary exhibitions too!
    It is in 37 rue Vielle du Temple, arr. 4;


  • The Auld Alliance
    This is the place to be if you would like to enjoy a match or just drinking a very good beer or whiskey. Plus, it is one of the few clubs that are open until 4 am!
    It is in Rue François Miron 80, arr. 4;


  • Blend
    If you just want to have a bite, this place offers gourmet burgers. French and American foods mixed together!
    It is in 44 rue d’Argout, arr. 2;


If you are looking for where to go dancing and clubbing in Le Marais, to spend nightlife as you want, note down these places:

  • Spyce
    This is where you can dance from 6 pm till late at night. They also plan DJ live concerts and dance shows with go-go professional dancers.
    It is in 23 rue Sainte Croix de Bretonnerie, arr. 4;


  • Tango
    This small disco is open to everyone and it is in the Marais Chinatown. It is one of the most loved places by homos and from who loves French music of the 70s!
    It is in 13 rue au Marie, arr. 2;


  • Le Cabaret
    If you are looking for something chic of the nightlife in Le Marais, that is the place. Here they place from hip hop music to house. Plus, the dancefloor has many artworks by designers!
    It is at 2 Place du Palais Royal, arr.1;



Upper and Lower Marais

Le Marais is ideally fractionable in many parts. As I already mentioned, the district is in part of arrondissement 3 and in part of arrondissement 4. Arrondissement 3 part is also known as Haut Marais or Upper Marais.

Why is it so famous? Is it really better than the rest of Le Marais?

Well, you can judge yourself if it’s really better! To go in the Haut Marais (Upper Marais), you need to go straight to Rue des Francs-Bourgeois or Rue de Bretagne. In Rue de Bretagne you can also visit one of my favorite parks in Le Marais, the Square du Temple, as you will read further. I also recommend visiting Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, Rue du Temple and Boulevard Beaumarchais.

The upper Marais is famous because of its atmosphere. Ok: there are also many attractions I will tell you about. But, what is really special is the bohemian atmosphere of some streets. If you want to catch it, I suggest going to the museum I mentioned. They are in hotel particuliers, ancient buildings that host both traditional and modern happenings.

I also have to admit that the Upper Marais or Haut Marais is famous because of shopping! If you go to Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, you are sure to find something great by artisan weavers! And if you go to Rue du Vieille du Temple, you can see some of the fanciest boutiques of Paris. Upper Marais offers a lot: you can go to Rue Charlot and admire photography and Lomography art. And if you want to have your hair done, you can find what you are looking for in Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire for sure.

If you want to spend your day in the Upper Marais, take advantage of the Marché des Enfants Rouges. It is one of the oldest markets in Paris and you can eat something right there or in front of its area. You will find lots of traditional cafès! Since it’s a covered market, it’s something you can do even if it’s raining!

Let’s find out what’s Lower Marais then!


Lower Marais is the area of these huge districts where the Jewish community developed. You can see it in the streets like Rue des Rosiers, rue des Ecouffes, rue Pavée.

Plus, now you know why you have to go to Lower Marais if you want to visit Le Memorial de la Shoah, in 17 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier and the Musée d’art et Histoire du Judaisme, in rue du Temple 71.

After visiting these interesting attractions of Paris, you can also taste Jewish dishes in kosher delicatessen restaurants or at falafel stands. In Lower Marais, you can eat in a restaurant where one of the top chefs cooks, Paul-Arthur Berlan. If you would like something faster, you can also go to a bistro.

If you are not into Jewish culture but you would like to explore Lower Marais, I suggest going to the Hotel de Ville. It is the City Hall of Paris but also a great architecture artwork itself. From there, you can also walk to Tour St Jacques, an ancient gothic bell tower.

After that, you can go to Place des Vosges, one of the oldest residential squares, and admire palaces like Hotel de Sully! If you are into literature and you are spending the day in Lower Marais, note down that you can visit Victor Hugo’s house too!


Jewish Culture in Le Marais

Le Marais indicates the area located on the north of the Ile Saint Louis. The nearest bridges linked to the Ile de la Cité are Pont d’Arcole and Pont Notre-Dame, one of the most ancient bridges of the city. The closest link to the Ile Saint-Louis is Pont Marie.

Among the attractions of the district, I think it’s fascinating visiting the museum of art and history of Judaism – with access to national archives.

Le Marais is the Jewish quarter of the city. There, you can taste, discover and learn about the specialties and traditions of Jewish culture through shops and restaurants near rue des Rosiers, Vieille du Temple, and Pavée.

Lower Marais is one of the few districts that has not been contorted and twisted by the latest urban evolutions. The design of the streets where you can walk today is very faithful to the one thought and designed by Haussmann, the baron who gave Paris the current city structure. Over the last few centuries, the district has been considered worthy of being defined as a safeguard and protection zone due to its historical importance.


A park in Le Marais, Square du Temple

The Square du Temple is a typical Parisian garden located in arr. 3. Just think that it is open since 1857. It is extended to an area of ​​7700 square meters.

Square du Temple park is in a quiet and residential area of ​​Paris.  Precisely, it is at 64, rue de Bretagne. Opening hours are from 8 am to 8.30 pm in Winter; from 8 am to 9.30 pm in Summer.

If you want to go to visit this huge park named the Square du Temple, you can choose how to. You can take the underground metro line 3and get off at the Temple station or take the bus number 20 (orange line) or 75 (the yellow one). Near the entrance of Perrée street, you can rent bicycles at a “Velib” station, a rent-a-bicycle point. In Perréestreet you can also see one of the oldest sundials sculpted by Rispal.

Square du Temple is an interesting attraction in Paris…

In the Square du Temple park there are 71 trees and 191 different plant species.

Among many: the Byzantium nut, ginkgo biloba, Japanese sofora. Most of them are exotic species from the Caucasus or from America. For this reason, since 2007 the garden has gained the status of ecological green space by Ecocert, a French organization that investigates particularly remarkable green areas.

At the square du Temple you can also see very important statues. One represents the cantor Béranger and it is located near the road that has his name; another one represents Henri Lagriffoul. Plus, there is another one that is dedicated to A.B. Wilhelm, founder of Orphèon, a French movement.

The Square du Temple is also a very important place of memory for the French as well as for all the victims of the Second World War. Since 2007, a commemorative plate with the names of the children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years that have been deported and then killed in Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944.


Movies shot in Le Marais

The days you dedicate to explore Le Marais in Paris might be the same during you want to feel in a movie! Paris is one of the most loved sets all over the world. That is because on one side it truly is a unique city with a rare atmosphere. But, I have to say that on the other side, Paris is also a ‘status’. Being in Paris means something just because you are in one of the most famous cities.

In Le Marais, you have the chance to see the sets of 3 movies already!


  •  You can admire Le Marais neighborhoods from many perspectives in My Old Lady, a classic movie about a woman who inherits a house in Le Marais, in the arrondissement 3. What is special about the area shot in this movie is the 17th-century architecture of the buildings.


  • Paris, Je t’aime is a movie composed of 18 short films. Every little shot is about a single arrondissement of Paris and each one lasts 5 minutes. Le Marais one is about two people falling in love even if they don’t speak the same language! Spot the theatre of the movie in Le Marais!


  • Before Sunrise is part of a trilogy about two people that meet each other in different times of their life. When they are in Paris, they go to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, on the left bank of the Seine, and then they take a walk in Le Marais.


Visiting Paris through your favorite books or movies is a great idea. This type of travel planning can truly make your stay in Paris dreamier than usual! Also, don’t forget that in Paris you can even see the actual first cinema, where Lumiere brothers shot their first movie, at 14 Boulevard des Capucines.


Le Marais in 1 day

Le Marais is one of my favorite districts in Paris. The fact is that in this area of the city, you are in the heart of Paris. Plus, you can see modern and traditional living together, side by side.

As Le Marais is quite big, it is good to join a tour that allows you to explore it optimizing your time. This is good if you won’t be in Paris for a very long time. Anyway, even if you know this area very well, it is always fascinating visiting the good old things from a new perspective. And doing it with a qualified guide is the real plus.

The 1-day tour in Le Marais is about discovering its history. Plus, you will be led to Place des Vosges, one of its attractions, and in the Jewish Quarter. In addition, you will also visit two churches, Saint Paul and Saint Louis ones. And, you will cross the cloister of the great Palace Hotel de Sully.



Le Marais in 2 days

If you can spend 2 days in Le Marais, here a hypothetical plan that includes the main attractions. Consult it and it will be easier to figure out what to see in Le Marais.

On day first, I would take a walk along rue de Rivoli: it is one of the most famous streets of Le Marais and since it is very long, you can see many different landscapes in few meters. Another one of my favorite streets in Le Marais is Rue des Rosiers, it is very colorful.

The beauty of this area of the city is that it amazes everyone because its beauty stands in its atmosphere and traditional buildings. If you come to Paris, spending some time in this district is a good idea whether are your tastes.

After exploring Le Marais on foot and after having a glance at some of the shops and the boutiques, I suggest having lunch and then to the Georges Pompidou center, also known as Beaubourg, the contemporary art museum that hosts many exhibitions and the terrace is wonderful! Plus, it is one of the spots from where you can see all the city from above for free.

If you aren’t too tired, the first glance at Le Marais can continue to Place des Voges, one of the most beautiful and impressive squares in Paris.

On day 2, you can continue your exploration in the Jewish quarter. There, you can visit the Museum of Art and History of Judaism. Also, even if less serious, there are many Jewish restaurants in the area.



Events in Le Marais in 2020


Valentine’s Day 2020 in Le Marais, Paramour Ball

san valentine day ball le marais paramourLe Marais is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2020. That is because it probably is the district where you can breathe the most “Parisian” atmosphere. But, it also is the district where the most famous Valentine’s Day Ball takes place!


The Paramour Ball is one of the most awaited events of the year. That is because many celebrities and performers are hosted in these long events. When you attend the Paramour Valentine’s Day ball, you are agreeing to spend a night attending showcases, DJ sets, performances. The ball is very exclusive and you need to respect a certain dress-code. The Paramour Ball is one of the most luxurious events to go to!


Don’t forget that Paris is not only the most romantic city in the world: it is the city of fashion too!


This Valentine’s Ball is inspired by a traditional ball that usually took place in Wien. But now, the Parisian one is very important too! What is very special about the Paramour Ball is that it really is a celebration of love in all its forms.


The ball originally was about raising money to fight AIDS and even if now it is not about crowdfunding, it still is the celebration of love. Whether you are in Paris with your partner or with a bunch of friends for Valentine’s Day, this is an event-to-go in Le Marais!

The Paramour Ball will be on February 14 in the Hotel de Ville (i.e. City Hall) of Paris!


Xmas in Le Marais

Le Marais at Xmas is even more special than during the rest of the year. That is because you can experience this district from a brand new perspective, during Christmas in Paris.


One of the extraordinary things of Le Marais at Xmas is that this is one of the few areas of the city where you can find pop-up Xmas markets! It is like a temporary store but it is a market: you get all the comforts of a shop with the prices of a market. If you are interested in it, you can try to go to Halle des Blanc Manteau, 48 rue Vielle du Temple and see if it is already happening!  The real thing about Pop-up markets is that they don’t have a beginning or ending day but they last from 1 to 3 days.


You must be lucky to find at least one of them!


Once you are in Le Marais, take a look at the BHV! It is one of the most famous luxury malls in Paris but you can go there just to look at how fantastic are their Xmas decorations and lights! Also, BHV window for Xmas 2019 will be themed with Strasbourg Xmas Market! You can even experience BHV Xmas Market till December 31. If you prefer buying something artisanal, take a look at the stands along rue de Rivoli. Once you get there, taste mulled wine too!


Restaurants in Le Marais for Xmas and New Year’s Eve

If you are going to spend Xmas 2019 in Paris or attending 2020 in the city, you may need some advice on where to eat. I always collect lists of the best places where to eat in Paris. But, since we are not talking about ordinary days, I suggest looking for somewhere more special.


Going to Le Marais is already a good idea. This district is the place to go whether you are looking for traditional places or not. Some restaurants are the finest reference to taste Parisian and French cuisine. Others are places to go if you would like to eat sushi and then the foie gras! Anyway, the good news is that many restaurants in Le Marais propose special menus for December 24 and 25, and New Year’s Eve.


Page 35, at 4 Rue du Parc Royal, propose the Menu de Noel that cost 35 €, and a Menu de la Saint-Sylvestre (Gourmand New Year’s Eve Dinner) that cost 70 €. If you book through some app just like theFork, you can even have discounts on their prices! The menu is not a single one, you can choose among many dishes! What you pay for is a starter, a main course, and a dessert, at Xmas. New Year’s Eve menu includes a coupe de champagne, cafè, and the cocktail du Nouvel an (i.e., a cocktail to celebrate 2020).


Another place you can consider is the Qui Plume la Lune Jacky Ribault restaurant, at 50 rue Amelot. It is way more expensive than others since New Year’s Eve menu cost 250 euros. It is a luxury dinner in Le Marais for New Year’s Eve that includes a starter, a main course, and desserts. Drinks are not included. If you would like to go to this luxury restaurant in Le Marais, you can choose among other menus which cost is around 90 €. Keep in mind that you can only try them at lunch!



I love reading about the corners of the world I will visit. That is why I always keep an eye on some recommended sites about travel tourism to visit.


Here a bibliography about Le Marais instead:

  • A Corner in the Marais: Memoir of a Paris Neighborhood (2002), by A. Karmel;
  • Le Marais. Discover the hidden Paris of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Culture Hikes in France (2017), by D. Roubien;
  • The Streets of Paris (2017), by S. Cahill;
  • Paris in Stride: An Insider’s Walking Guide (2019), by S. Moroz and J. Kanelos Weiner