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3 Unconventional Paris city guides

city guideFinding the perfect Paris city guide is not easy! Many city guides only provide basic information, while others are too specific. Plus, every year there are more and more publications about Paris!

To pick the 3 best guides of Paris, I have chosen books that include general information about the city from a very peculiar perspective. Some have more pictures, others include more useful addresses and pieces of advice. Which is my favorite? I love products that are customizable, even if just partially!



3 Paris City Guides

Here are my top 3 of the best city guides of Paris.

  • National Geographic Paris Travel Guide
    The Paris Travel Guide by National Geographic is the best for curious travelers! It always keeps up the attention since it is made a small school book. Here you can find each landmark aside with characteristic corners of the city illustrated in every detail. The National Geographic Paris guide also is full of photos that will immediately give you an idea of ​​what you may see in Paris!


  • Paris City Notebook Moleskine Guide
    This is a special object to have! On one side, the City Notebook Molesike Guide introduces you to the city, and on the other since it is provided with many blank places where you can put pictures or notes about your stay in the city.
    The Moleskine Paris Guide also includes maps, information on transport, stories, addresses, itineraries, ideas on what to do.


  • La Routard Paris City Guide
    This is one of the best Paris guides. Besides having every detail refined, this city guide is perfect for finding the best restaurants, and ideal for those who organize trips on the road. In addition to including useful information on everything, La Routard Paris City Guide is perfect for those who do not want to leave the adventurous spirit at home!