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5 reasons to visit Paris in September 2019

Paris in September 2019 is a real show! That is for many reasons so I have decided to make a list. But first, some useful information:


What’s best about Paris in September 2019


  • Weather forecasts
    Paris weather forecasts for September 2019 are great. There is the perfect temperature average to go around the city without suffering from warm or cold weather. Also, you can admire the city in all the shades given from Autumn. Fall is both romantic and melancholic season. In Paris, all these vibes are more powerful than ever!


  • Special Events
    What I like about Paris in September is that there are many events to go to. My favorites are Jazz à la Villette and the Design fashion week. But if you aren’t in Paris during the first part of the month, you can always go take advantage of World Heritage days and the Fete de Jardins. You just have to choose where to go first!


  • A very Parisian month
    September is one of the best months to go to Paris. Mostly, if you want to observe the city when all the Parisians are there. During Summer you may find difficult to see how the city is in its authenticity: it is full of tourists! In September everybody comes back home and you can finally experience 100% Parisian culture and lifestyle.


  • Plages
    Even if I don’t recommend taking a bath in Paris during September 2019, I have to say that there is still time to visit Paris Plages! You can find these special artificial beaches along the Seine or close to la Villette!


  • Parks
    One of the greatest things to do in Paris in September 2019 is to observe the shades of colors. Better if from many spots of the city. Some of the bests are parks and gardens. If you go there, take your time to observe all the leaves and the flowers that change color.