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Paris in November 2019, things to do

Paris in November is magic. That is because during Autumn Paris changes its colors. The brown and the green of the leaves make justice to the beauty of this city. Since Paris changes its shades, there are some activities you can do to appreciate Paris in Fall even more than usual.


See how Paris changes its colors!


What’s the weather like in Paris in November 2019


During your Paris Travel Planning, is important to know what’s the weather like in Paris. Also, it is useful to know what will be the weather like in November 2019 in Paris too.


When you come to Paris in November 2019, you have the chance to see how Paris can change under weather variations. It’s in November that you can live in the Fall in Paris. At the end of the month, you will live a bit of Winter too, for sure!


Anyway, the Paris temperature average in November 2019 varies between 51,8 F° and 42,8 F°. Finally, it is that time of the year when you can taste 100% French hot chocolate!


About rainy days in Paris in November 2019: they will be about 9 days and most of them are previewed at the beginning of the month.


There may be sunny and warm days anyway but I always recommend dressing in layers. Take a look at the suitcase guide for every season!



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Events in Paris in November 2019


If you are in Paris in November 2019, the very first thing to do is to go to all the museums of Paris that are free just for this day! It happens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Whether it’s November or not, if you are in Paris this November 2019, you must include a stage at the Musée d’Orsay. The Renoir père et fils exhibitions begin on November 6. From November 23, the Grand Palais will host also a great exhibition dedicated to the pop star Michael Jackson.


November in Paris it’s a month dedicated to art. That is why even the most important festivals are about photography. From November 8 to the 11th, the Grand Palais hosts the Paris Photo Festival. It is the biggest photography fair in the world!


If you go to Paris during November or December, you can experience Xmas markets in Paris! I always recommend going at least to a market in Paris. But, I have to admit that during Xmas time it’s even better!

And, if you are looking for an event to go at the end of the month, go to the Carrousel du Louvre on November 30, there is the Grand Tasting of wines!



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What to do in Paris in Fall


To admire Paris in Fall, during November, I suggest taking long walks. But, you need to know which are the best places for this season.


  • Parks
    Parks in Paris are attractions to visit no matter what. Paris in Fall means the opportunity to see how nature changes. Go to the Tuileries or find out which Parks in Paris you prefer!


  • Paris catacombs
    Paris catacombs are one of the main museums in Paris. Since Autumn might be also lived with a spooky attitude, visiting Paris catacombs is the perfect activity if this is your taste! Also, it is one of the recommended attractions if you want to know the “Secret Paris”.


  • Chocolateries
    If you feel that it’s too cold even if it’s just Fall, warm yourself up with a hot chocolate! Paris is famous for its chocolateries too. Don’t miss the chance to try it at least once!


  • Wine Harvest celebrations
    Fall in Paris is the greatest time of the year to celebrate comfort food and wine. Don’t miss the Grand Tasting wine at the Louvre on November 30!