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About Shakespeare and Company

shakespeare and companyShakespeare and Company bookshop is one of the must-sees in Paris. But why a bookshop is so important?


Shakespeare and Company


Shakespeare and Company is probably the most famous bookshop in Paris. It is such a fascinating place that it has been set of several movies shot in Paris. It has also become a meeting place for many locals.

Even if this is one of the landmarks of Paris, this bookshop only sells books in the English language. To be fair, Shakespeare and Company is not the type of shop where you go to look for the latest news. This bookshop offers vintage books and old editions! On the first floor, you can find books that are more recent. On the second floor, there are many ancient English editions. There also is an area where you can stop and spend a few hours with the book that captures your attention.

The shop is vintage itself since it opened in 1951 by George Withman. During the early years, Shakespeare & Company was a meeting point for writers and poets from every corner of the world. During the following decades, this spot in Paris is the place for those who just want to sniff ancient books as well.

Shakespeare and Company are on the left bank of the Seine. The address is 37, rue de la Bucherie.

Once you go to Shakespeare and Company, you can taste the special dishes of the restaurant aside from the bookshop. Since 2005, this restaurant offers dishes inspired by the most famous books. It also is the place where you can stop by for a beer or for a coffee anytime.

The bookshop is the perfect place to buy a souvenir, since if you buy a book here, you’ll have the S&C logo marked on its front page.