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Arrondissement 2, culture and shopping

Arrondissement 2 is the area of Paris where you can visit lots of important streets and roads. Plus, you can see the rive droite of the Seine (it means the right side).

The area is famous because of the companies that are there. If you like to take a walk in crowded places, you can go there at lunchtime. You will see lots of young managers eating in the most famous streets of arrondissement 2.

The districts of the second arrondissement of Paris are Gaillon, Vivienne, du Mail, Bonne-Nouvelle.

Among the attractions and landmarks of the city, you must note these names: place des Victoires, Bourse and Tour Jean-sans-Peur.


Arrondissement 2 main attractions

Place des Victoires is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. Not everyone knows this square. At Place des Victoires you can see the best of the traditional Parisian architecture. You can go there getting off at Bourse station.

As I said in my article about arrondissement 1, I think that when you go to Paris you can’t miss the chance to see the Bourse area. The bourse is both one of the landmarks of arrondissement 2 and of the entire city. The Bourse is very important in Paris, for its history, and for architecture too. Just think about Brongniart Palace!

If you go to Tours Jean-sans-Peur you can experience a part of city history. In this area, you can walk through lots of Middle Age architectures. The word “Tours” stands for Tower in French, so don’t miss the chance to go on top of it!



Arrondissement 2 accommodations

Arrondissement 2 is a splendid location to look for a short rental accommodation in Paris.


studio apartmentIf you are looking for a short rental apartment that is perfect for two people or for business travel AND is provided with a balcony, take a look at the short term rental apartment in arrondissement 2.




rooftop apartment in parisThe real plus of other short rental accommodations in arrondissement 2 is that you can choose to stay on a rooftop, enjoying Paris sight 24/7! One of my favorites is this rooftop apartment.




apartment in Grand BoulevardsIf you would like to stay in accommodations that are on one of the most famous streets of Paris, choose the apartment in the Grand Boulevards!




apartment in the city centreA short rentals accommodation in Paris that is between arrondissement 1 and arrondissement 2 is this modern apartment, fully equipped with all comforts.



Arrondissement 2 main streets and metro stations

When you visit the arrondissement 2, go to avenue de l’Opéra to see theatre and royal palaces.

One of the streets that I like most of the second arrondissement of Paris is the boulevard des Italiens. It is so-called because of one theatre. It was called the theatre of the Italians but now you can visit it looking for the Opéra-Comique.


If you go to the corner between rue Lafitte and Boulevard des Italiens, you will enjoy a striking view of the Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre and of the Notre Dame church.


If you need to take the metro, you can reach the II arrondissement of Paris getting off at one of the following metro stations: Bonne Nouvelle, Bourse, Etienne Marcel, Grands Boulevards, Opéra, Quatre-Septembre, Réaumur – Sébastopol, Richelieu – Drouot, Sentier, Strasbourg – Saint-Denis.


I recommend the famous Passages des Panoramas! 🙂


Last but not least, Arrondissement 2 is very important for shopping too! If, just like me, you love shopping, go to all the historical shopping malls. Some are there from 18 century!

arrondissement 2 paris maps

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