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Category Archives: Arrondissements

Arrondissement 20, quiet in Paris
Arrondissement 20, quiet in ...
If you go to Paris take advantage of the opportunity to salute your idols at Pere Lachaise cemetery. In arrondissement 20, take a break from the city centre
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Arrondissement 19, the place to relax
Arrondissement 19, the place...
Imagine to have the possibility to rest after lots of days in the chaos of Paris city centre. Arrondissement 19 is the place to be to oxygen your mind
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Arrondissement 18, Montmartre and Paris hill
Arrondissement 18, Montmartr...
Tasting traditional cuisine, visit beautiful and historic monuments and see the city from above. In a few words: Arrondissement 18!
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Arrondissement 17, culture and shopping
Arrondissement 17, culture a...
Why walk in arrondissement 17? Find out where are the market and the boutiques to see and why it is good for architecture lovers
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Arrondissement 16, exclusivity in Paris
Arrondissement 16, exclusivi...
Arrondissement 16 is the one that includes Bois de Boulogne and Place the l'Etoile. It is exclusive for other reasons too: boutiques, modern art...
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Arrondissement 15, the peaceful one
Arrondissement 15, the peace...
The arrondissement 15 is the area where you have to go when you want to be in a quiet place. Just think about Andre Citroen Park!
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Arrondissement 14 places to go
Arrondissement 14 places to ...
Montparnasse and Montsouris are the main attractions of arrondissement 14. Here all the info about them, such as metro stations to get off, and much more.
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Arrondissement 13, art and cultures
Arrondissement 13, art and c...
Arrondissement 13 is where you can discover all the different cultures that cohabit in Paris. Plus, there is a very special street art route too
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Arrondissement 12, A Parisian Experience
Arrondissement 12, A Parisia...
Arrondissement 12 in Paris is one of the less touristic areas of the city. Visit gardens, markets and a very special station
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