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Arrondissement 3 attractions and accommodations

Arrondissement 3 in Paris is one of the areas to visit. When you go to the third arrondissement of Paris, you can visit the right side of the Seine. Plus, you can walk through one of the historic districts of the city: it dates back in 13 and 14 centuries. If you love art and museums just like me, it is the perfect area for you too.

To always orientate yourself in arrondissement 3, remember that its districts are Arts-et-Métiers, Enfants-Rouges, Archives, and Sainte-Avoye. Also, it might be useful to know that this arrondissement is located on the rive droite (i.e. right bank) of the Seine.


Arrondissement 3 is rich in surprises!


Arrondissement 3, museums and parks to visit


  • One of the attractions that I love of arrondissement 3 is the National French Archive. It is a building where you can know a lot about the history of France. The building that you can visit in Paris in just one of the ones of the archives. Other archives are in Aix-en-Provence, for example. Pay attention to the building itself. It is designed by Fuksas!It is at 60 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois.


  • If you would like to visit the Picasso museum in Paris. It is one of the most famous buildings in Paris because it is a hotel particulier. It means that some time ago, just one family lived there. The Picasso museum building was designed by Jean Boullier of Bourges. It is one of the most famous palaces of Le Marias.
    It is at 5 Rue de Thorigny.


  • Here you can cross beautiful squares such as the Emile-Chautemps one. Also, in Arrondissement 3 there is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris you could ever visit, Square du Temple! It is a large Parisian garden that opened in 1857. The park is huge, fascinating and hosts lots of cultural events suitable for the whole family.
    It is 64 Rue de Bretagne


Historic buildings to visit in Paris Arrondissement 3

If you love history and architecture, you can’t miss visiting the historic buildings of Arrondissement 3!
Note down the following ones:


  • Hotel Salé, 5 Rue de Thorigny;
  • Hotel de Rohan, 87 rue du Vieille Temple;
  • Hotel de Guénégaud, 60 rue des Archives;
  • Liberal Bruand Hotel (Museum of the Lock), 1 rue de la Perle;
  • Donon Hotel (Cognacq-Jay museum), 8 rue Elzevir;
  • Hotel de Marle (Swedish cultural center), 11 rue Payenne.



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Passages to visit in Paris

Another attraction of arrondissement 3 is the passages! They are a sort of galleries, made in glass and steel, that link different building.

Don’t forget to cross a Passage!

Passages of Paris are glass and steel structures designed to allow walking and shopping during the colder seasons. Although the purpose of the passages has always been functional, these are structures that have acquired a monumental charm in history. In this arrondissement, the most famous is the Passage d’Alombert, 26 rue de Gravilliers.

Here are the other I suggest visiting:

  • The Passage de l’Ancre, 30 rue de Turbigo;
  • Passage Barrois, 34 rue de Gravilliers;
  • Passage Gravillers, 10 rue Chapon;
  • The Passage Meslay, 32 rue de Meslay;
  • Passage of the Orgues, 36 rue de Meslay;
  • Passage Vertbois, 64 rue de Verbois.


The market of Enfants Rouges in Arrondissement 3

If you are looking for a traditional French-style activity to do in arrondissement 3, go to the Market of Engants Rouges!

It is a covered market where you can buy food, drinks and enjoy shopping. You can go every day except on Mondays.

I love to go to the Enfants Rouge Market because even if you don’t have to buy anything it is always crowded with people in a positive mood.



Short term rentals in Paris arrondissement 3

This is one of my favorite areas where to stay in Paris. Here is some selected accommodation I recommend.


apartment in arrondissement 3If you are looking for short rentals accommodation in Paris for big families or a group of people who wants to live in Paris like a local, perfect choice is an apartment in Arrondissement 3.



accommodation in le maraisIn Arrondissement 3, you can even find accommodation in the very center of Paris but where you can still enjoy the view from your patio! If you would like to make this experience, take a look at the accommodation in Le Marais with your own patio.



comfortable apartmentAnother great accommodation to stay in the heart of Paris is the comfortable apartment in Le Marais. This is one of the best short term rental apartments in Le Marais. It is cozy and it is super central! I can’t find any cons!



3-bedroom flat in Le MaraisAn opportunity to stay in a very beautiful apartment in arrondissement 3, is the 3-bedroom flat in Le Marais. It is in the very center of this district, and it can accommodate up to 8 people!




bookstore apartmentThe perfect accommodation for a couple that wants to spend a romantic weekend in Paris, is the bookstore apartment in Le Marais. As you might already guess, it once was a bookstore. That is why the atmosphere is so magic!



rooftop apartment in le maraisIf you are looking for accommodation that lets you enjoy Paris from above from the very center of it, the place for you is the rooftop apartment in Le Marais.



luxury apartmentLast but not least, those who want to book a luxury short rental accommodation must see the luxury rental apartment in arrondissement 3 that can accommodate up to 6 people!




Arrondissement 3 metro stations

If you are confused by all the metro stations of Paris, take note of the ones of arrondissement III. The stops useful to visit this arrondissement are Arts et Métiers, Chemin Vert, Filles du Calvaire, Rambuteau, Réaumur – Sébastopol, République, Saint – Sébastien – Froissart, Strasbourg – Saint-Denis, Temple.

arrondissement 3

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