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Behave like a French

frenchAre you coming to Paris but you have no idea how to behave with French people? Here is some piece of advice to follow. Get to know French culture better!


How to mingle with French people


  • Get familiar with greetings
    A good first impression is fundamental! In France, it is the same. Wherever you go make sure to greet the people that are in that place. Go for simple greetings: a simple good morning / ‘bonjour’ or good evening / ‘bonsoir’ will work! Read more about French basics to use in France
    Pay attention: not greeting someone before speaking will be considered very rude. Keep that in mind before asking for information. I have to add that French people appreciate those who try to speak their language. Even if your pronunciation is not perfect, give your French a chance to bond more with people. One more tip about the conversation in general: French people appreciate quick questions and short conversations.
    If you join a couple of friends, be prepared to their way to say hello. Most French salute themselves with a “bise”, a kiss on the cheek. This is especially common with close friends, relatives, or family members.


  • Don’t eat on the go
    If you want to mingle with Frech people, don’t propose to eat on the go or take away in any form. French are very passionate about food, and they can’t accept enjoying it in the rush! Having a quiet and proper meal is very important in this culture. It requires sitting down, taking your time, and tasting the flavors.


  • Don’t forget your manners while shopping
    It is very important that you greet the shopkeepers when you go shopping. Also, it is important not touching things. If you would like to buy something, you can ask the seller to show it to you – after the greetings, of course!