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French basics to use in France

Learn the French basics to surprise everyone!

French people love it when travelers and city explorers try to speak French. That is because French people are nationalists, and they always prefer to speak their language. Just think that most of the time they will try to respond to you in French, even if they know you don’t fully understand it.

Here I propose a very tiny vocabulary to get to know the basics to speak French. At least, you will be able to say basic sentences as greetings, thanking, etc.

Learning French is a more complex process than this but you can start by learning these few words! If you would ever ask for directions in Paris or in France, you will show at least your goodwill in speaking their language. Of course, this is just to have fun – there’s no need to stress out. French people are always kind and smart enough to understand when someone really doesn’t understand their language!

Before introducing the French basics, note down this sentence: Parlez-vous Anglais? It literally means “do you speak English?”
You will immediately clear things up!


French basics to use in Paris

  • Bonjour stands for Hello, Good morning
  • Au revoir means Goodbye
  • If you want to say Good evening, say Bonsoir. To say Good night, use Bonne Nuit!
  • Oui is to say Yes, Non means No
  • Use Merci to say Thank you; “you’re welcome” is Je vous en prie (formal) or de rien (informal)
  • If you have doubts when going to the restroom, remember that Fille means Girl and Garçon means Boy. Otherwise, Femme stands for, Woman and Homme for Man.
  • Français means French
  • To say “please” in French, use S’il vous plaît
  • Excusez-moi stands for Excuse me

Lasts but not least:
Monsieur stands for Mister; Mademoiselle is used to indicate an unmarried woman; Madame is for Married woman