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Best shopping streets in Paris

Shopping in Paris is inavoidable. The best shopping streets in Paris are the ones rich in boutiques, shops, and stores where you can buy clothes, home décor, food.


Shopping in Paris, best streets

  • Boulevard Saint Germain
    This is one of the best shopping streets in Paris to go shopping for your home. On boulevard St. Germain there are many home dècore shops and gourmet food shops. Since boutiques are almost everywhere, this is a destination for those who are looking for fashion boutiques.


  • Boulevard Raspail and Rue de Rennes
    Starting from boulevard Raspail you easily walk to rue de Rennes. They both are 2 of the best shopping streets in Paris since there are famous stores such as Genevieve Lethu’s, and Plastiques. There are the best shops to go to if you need to buy something special for your house or you want to buy a gift.


  • Rue Saint-Honoré
    If you want to make a luxury shopping in Paris experience, go straight at rue Saint-Honoré! It is a few steps away from the Louvre museum and the Tuileries Garden. There, you will see the most famous stylists’ stores, such as Hermès, Goyard, Céline… going there for ‘window shopping’ is fantastic too. Fashion is art and stores often look like museums.


  • Rue de Rivoli
    This is another of the best shopping streets in Paris. It is 4 miles long and it is rich in fashion stores and boutiques. From there you can go to BHV store, and get into lots of cross streets with small indie boutiques. It is one of the most famous shopping streets in Paris!


  • Rue des Martyrs
    Those who are into vintage stuff must go to rue des Martyrs! It is ‘the’ Mecca for vintage lovers. In rue des Martyrs there are some of the oldest vintage shops in Paris, such Wochdom. Would you like to buy vintage items by weight? Look for the “Kilo Shop” signs!