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Eating in Paris on a budget

street food paris gastronomy classicsHow to save money on food in Paris? Is it possible to eat in Paris on a budget? Here are some pieces of advice about saving money when exploring one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Even if Paris is one of the most expensive cities, this does not means that you can find good places where to eat on a budget. It is not so easy to spot them, especially if you are in tourist areas. Anyway, if you divert your path for just a moment, you will find some interesting places where tasting French cuisine.


Tasting French cuisine on a budget

food puns parisOne useful tip to save some money while having a traditional lunch in Paris is to have lunch with a filled baguette. This will let you spend some money since you will buy a stuffed baguette for about 4 euros. Plus, you will discover the best boulangerie in Paris.

In boulangerie, you have the possibility of tasting other typical French products such as croissants, pain au Chocolat, and any other type of sweet. All you have to do is follow your nose to find this corner of paradise for lovers of French desserts!

Another tip to save money when you eat in Paris is to avoid bottled water. It is very expensive! You can order a Caraffe d’Eau instead, which is totally free tap water.

Staying in Paris on a budget is not impossible. You can save some money by booking in advance your flights, and by choosing accommodation in a strategic location. Also, Paris offers lots to do for free. You can visit lots of museums and monuments for free, especially on the first Sunday of the month. Also, if you are an art lover you can’t miss the chance of visiting the churches of Paris which you can access for free. Would you like to know more about saving money in Paris? How to save money planning your stay in Paris

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