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The Perfect Property Manager, an interview

property management

A property manager can rent your house for short or long-term rentals taking care of almost all responsibilities.

Rent, tenants and guests, apartment maintenance and repair, renting laws, business operations, booking services, and tax management. You can still earn putting your apartment for rent without having to take care of all of this. But how do you know if you can trust someone this much?

Which are the qualities of the perfect property manager? I asked one of the best property managers at


How to Find the Perfect Property Manager

property manager

  • Which is the best quality of a property manager?
    “I really believe that anyone who does apartment or service management has to put themselves always in a fair position both with the renter and the guest That is for a very simple reason. People usually think that the property manager is paid by the renter. Property managers generally earn from a percentage retained from the payment of the guest. A good property manager is a person who knows how to understand which is the fair solution, sometimes having the courage to oppose the owner to defend the tenant”.


  • Which is a skill you need to be a property manager?
    “Well, problem-solving is another important feature of a good property manager. From the side of the renter, the owner must be confident that the property manager will intervene immediately, 24/7. On the other side, problem-solving also mean pampering the guest in case of a problem. And, if the problem is big, proceed with a fair reimbursement”.


  • How do you know that you are assuming a fair position?
    “If you have any doubts, you can consult the Frankfurt Table. It is a reference for property owners, renters, property managers, and guests in difficult situations. The Frankfurt Table reports the percentage of discount to apply for suffered damage”.


  • What about the profit for the owner of a short-rents apartment?
    “As I said, a good property manager can put himself in the shoes of the renter of the apartment. That means that the accuracy of payments is fundamental. Many renters are terrified that payments will be made in a very “subjective” or weird way, I think that the accuracy of payments is essential”.


  • Tell us something you like about your job
    “The property manager participate in something that people love doing: traveling. A short-rental property manager offers services for leisure travel. The guests that I meet usually live carefree moments when exploring Paris. Another type of travel is business. A business traveler usually looks for a totally different type of accommodation, paying attention to specific features”.


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