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Emily in Paris season 2 Instagram captions

emily in paris quotesAre you ready to make your Instagram funnier? Emily in Paris is a famous series hosted on Netflix about the experience of a young girl living in Paris. Emily is a marketing executive who comes to Paris for work. Even if the plot is about events and accidents in the life of Emily, every episode includes beautiful shots of Paris.


While watching Season 1, I have already said that Emily in Paris is something to watch if you want to get ideas about taking beautiful photographs in Paris. You will see Emily posting a lot on her Instagram account since she has also become an influencer. I don’t want to imitate her but steal some of the best lines of the show to compose Instagram posts!


Emily in Paris season 2 quotes

emily in paris quotesEmily in Paris is once more discussed wherever! Almost everyone will get the reference if you’ll make a quote of this show part of your content on social media.
I selected the best ones to pair with your best shots about Paris on Instagram.


You’re getting more French by the day.


It’s illegal to work on weekends in France.


I think most girls would forgive you, but a French girl, nuh-uh.


What would you suggest I do? -Emily
Learn French for starters. -Sylvie


Don’t you know what happened to Jean Valjean when he stole the baguette?


Paris is built on fantasy and I just happen to be able to see right through it.


This isn’t just a fun year abroad anymore, this is your life.


You do know a little French.


All French pans look alike.


Chef on your left!


Quotes from Emily in Paris for Instagram captions

And what about Emily in Paris season 1 quotes?
Here are my favorites:


It’s Paris, everyone’s serious about dinner.


Paris is for cheese lovers.




We came here to lose ourselves and find adventure.


I’m not somebody who can share a crepe. I need the whole crepe.


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