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Facts and info about Paris Metro

paris metro guideParis metro is one of the most iconic transports in the world. But do you know that this is about more than the charming signs in unique art-nouveau style? Here are some facts to know and information about the famous metropolitain of Paris.

There are 14 metro lines in Paris, plus 2 additional lines (3bis, and 7 bis). To move around the center of Paris, the metro connects to the RER, a local train that leads you in the neighborhoods of the city, including airports. The ticket for these two kinds of transport is the same, you will hardly notice the difference.

There are several types of transport tickets available: ordinary tickets, called Ticket t +, daily and weekly tickets, Paris Visite, and Pass Navigo. Some of them come with discounts for museums.


Facts about Paris metro

  • The first metro line in Paris was inaugurated on the 19th of July, in 1990. It connected Porte de Vincennes with Porte Maillot. Since that day, the network has hugely expanded! The last line was constructed in 1998, and it still is one of the most modern in the world.


  • Paris metro runs from 5.30 am to 1.00 am. The first train leaves at 5.30 am and the last one arrives at its last stop at 1.00 am. Friday and Saturday night the metro closes an hour later! Anyway, I suggest avoiding taking the metro after midnight.


  • The Paris metro is the third-longest in Western Europe. It has more than 300 stations and it has an extension of 200 km. People usually say that there is no point in Paris that is more than 500 meters away from a metro station!


  • Moving around the city with the metro is one of the easiest ways to explore Paris. Read more Paris Metro Guide.
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