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French cuisine FAQs

french cuisineHere are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about French cuisine.
Before coming to Paris, read all the French cuisine facts. You will be prepared for what to eat!




Frequently Asked Questions about French cuisine

  • Where is the best place to eat the typical dishes of French cuisine?
    If you would like to try French cuisine classics in fancy restaurants, I suggest changing your mind and go to a bistro. Bistros are where Parisians have their meals at lunch or at dinner. The cozy atmosphere created with soft lights, classics furniture, and traditional cuisine is priceless! But money shouldn’t be a problem in a bistro, since they usually are not expensive.


  • What to eat in a bistro?
    Once you are in a bistro, I suggest tasting an onion soup with fish and beef. In bistros, you usually have the chance to taste good wines also. Try the Bordeaux!


  • What to eat in a brasserie?
    Brasseries are another place where Parisians usually go to take a beer, taste a good entrecote with fries. Such plates are the best base to taste the typical French sauces and dressings. Burgundy and Brittany are designed to accompany a variety of recipes. Anyway, if tasting a French beer is not your cup of tea, you can ask for typical apple cider.


  • What to eat in a boulangerie?
    If you don’t know what to eat in a boulangerie, go for a pain au chocolat – a typical French sweet made with butter and chocolate, or a French croissant. Also, taste authentical baguettes! Did you know that according to the law baguette must be made just with flour, water, salt, and yeast? Each baker chooses the quantity of each ingredient and the procedure, and that is what made a particular baguette unique.