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French food puns perfect for IG captions

Today I want to share some of the best French food puns that I have found on the internet. I love to pair these types of captions with beautiful shots of the city. Posting pictures of Paris with a catchy pun makes you stand out in the feed of your friends.

Even if I think that you can have another good type of caption using quotes about Paris, I believe that puns are the best, since they usually make you laugh and you remember it easier.

Puns about French things are A LOT, that is why I usually choose a topic and then focus on finding the best puns about it. Today is the turn of French food!

French cuisine is famous all over the world. There are lots of recipes you must try once you are in Paris: onion soups, crepes, cheese, escargots… and, of course, don’t forget that France is a landmark for wine lovers! Take pictures of the food you liked the most, and pair it with a good pun!


French food puns

As I said, French food puns are perfect for writing good captions for social media posts. Since there are lots of examples around the net, I have decided to select the ones that according to me are the bests. Some of them are hilarious, others ‘just’ smart.

If you use one of the following puns as a caption on your Instagram profile, tag or mention @parisrentapartments to let us know!



  • You better baguette about it!


  • I hate to leave, but it’s time for me to escargot.


  • Being in France gives me the crepes.


  • France, one day our paths will croissant again.


  • French food is brie-ond belief!


  • Hugs and quiches.


  • Wine not?


  • Let’s rent a cocavan and take a road trip around France.


  • Hey, macaroon-a!


  • Feeling French onion soup-er in France!


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