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How to ask for good reviews to your guests

You have started renting out your property in Paris and you don’t know how to ask for reviews, and how to answer your guests. Here are some pieces of advice for you!

Kindly ask for reviews of the accommodation is one of the best practices of a good property manager. The words of your guests are the most trusted description of your accommodation on the Internet. Most people decide booking accommodations influenced by good reviews. That is why it’s important to remind your guests to write a good review about your short rental apartment in Paris.

A proper answer to any kind of review is important just as a good review. When you answer a review online, remember that you are building your image as well. Always improve your communication skills. And, whether online or not, be always kind to your guests and make them always feel welcome.

guest book reviewsRenting out a property in Paris: the reviews

Collecting reviews about our property for short rentals in Paris is extremely important. That is because reviews are a strong part of our online reputation.

Everyone who is looking for short rentals accommodation gives a look at the reviews, even just to know if the host is reliable. Reviews have an important impact on the income from the property over time. That’s why is important to always encourage the guest to leave a review. It is advisable to remind the guests to leave it by sending a message within a few days of check-out.

Reading the reviews is also the opportunity to know the impact of your actions and how to correct them. The words of your guests are perfect to understand how to optimize your hospitality. By analyzing the comments and feedback, you can understand what guests appreciate the most, and what can be improved.

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