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Puns and jokes about Paris

Here is the latest collection of puns and jokes about Paris.

You may already know it: I love reading puns about Paris! Some of them are now very popular, but I always find something smart and new looking for puns and jokes on the net.

Here are the latest puns and jokes about Paris.


Puns about Paris

puns paris

Here are some puns about Paris. Use them as a caption on your social accounts, to impress your followers!


  • I Musee, the French have great taste in art.
  • Not one, but Toulieries!
  • In-Seine-ly beautiful sights.
  • People here are in-Seine for drinking so much wine
  • Just looking for a Seine.
  • You must be from Paris because you’re driving me in-Seine.
  • I couldn’t come to Paris without my French coat.
  • I always feel Triomphe-ant in Paris.
  • So sad to say Versailles to Paris.
  • Food in Paris is so delicious people call it the City of Bites.
  • Buy one, baguette one free.
  • Don’t baguette the cheese.
  • The price of a dinner cruise in Paris is in-Seine.
  • Chocolate in Paris is not crêpe.
  • Do you love Paris? I Pompidou.
  • Don’t forget your jacket for Versailles since it’s very gold there!
  • Parisians really do have the breakfast of Champignons.


Jokes about Paris

  • What made the tourist want to visit France?
    Because it was a beret good time!
  • french food punsIf you are into jokes, the followings are some of the most popular about Paris.


  • What is the name of the slums in Paris?
    The baghetto


  • Are you French?
    Because Eiffel for you.


  • Why didn’t the family visit the Louvre?
    They didn’t have the Monet to get Degas to make the Van Gogh!


  • At the airport, what did the French woman say to the receptionist?
    I am in great Henri to visit France!


  • If high definition were invented in Paris, what would it be called? The French resolution!


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