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French songs to learn French

Why listening to French songs is a good idea to learn French?

There are several reasons why singing is one of the best things you can do to learn a new language.

First of all, it improves your memory! Rhythms and melody get stuck in your brain more efficiently than a sentence of a ‘regular’ exercise. Also, when you encounter a new word in a song, you are more curious to know its meaning.

Another great reason to listen to some French music is that you can really merge yourself into French culture. Plus, your pronunciation will improve immediately.

But since the world of music is infinite, it is difficult to individuate the bunch of songs that really help you improve your skills through French songs. Here are a top 5 of the songs to listen again and again to improve your skills in French!


Top 5 Best songs to learn French from home


  • Papaoutai by Stromae
    Even if Stromae is a Belgian musician, you can still use its songs to improve your French. That is because his lyrics are not very difficult to understand. Papaoutai is good to revise the Simple Present Tense. This lyric contains some of the most used verbs in everyday life, such as to work (travailler), must (devoir), to talk (Parker).


  • Champs-Elysées by Joe Dassin
    This French song is perfect for beginners. Even if you know just a few words in French, you should be able to understand almost the whole lyrics! Plus, its catchy melody won’t get out of your head so easily. You will replay it in your mind again and again!


  • La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf
    Have you ever heard the French version of the Wall-E soundtrack? It is a classic! And that is why you must listen to this song! La Vie En Rose is a good way to improve the basics of French and to get to know one of the pillars of French culture. If you love Edith Piaf, don’t forget to take a listen to Non, je ne regrette rien.


  • Aficionado by BB Brunes
    If you are into rock music, the BB Brunes is a good band to listen to. This is one of the French songs to listen to learn new words. This is one of the French songs for who wants to step from basics to an intermediate level.


  • Le Monde by Matthieu Pokora
    This is another French song good to improve your skills in everyday language. The lyrics are very simple and he repeats the same sentences a lot of times. You will have the chance to grasp the words and verify what you can understand on your own!
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