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French Traditional Apartment characteristics

french apartmentFind out which are the characteristics that make a short rental apartment an actual “Parisian” one. The most traditional apartments come with features that are not always a plus but still give the place more authenticity.


Short rental apartments, characteristics you’ll only find in Paris

  • The first thing that might surprise you walking into your short rentals apartment in Paris is the lack of a doorman. Short rents apartments in Paris are often protected by coded security systems.


  • One more peculiar characteristic of short rental accommodations in Paris is that there is no lift. Paris apartment buildings are famous for their staircases. In fact, any Parisian buildings were built in the 19th century or earlier and designed for the use of stairs only.


  • Rooftop common areas are rare in Paris; air conditioning is not widespread in Paris either.


  • Paris has strict zoning laws: there are very few skyscrapers.


  • The windows do not have mosquito nets as many American homes do. The French are used to opening windows and letting fresh air into their homes.


  • Commonly, a French bathroom is divided into two separate rooms – the toilet is separate from the salle de bain, the main bathroom consists of a shower or tub, and a sink.


  • Many French apartments have a washer but no dryer.


  • European buildings have a different floor numbering system than in the United States. In France, the floor at street level is the ground floor and the top floor is the second floor. If you rent a short rental apartment on the 3rd floor, you will find yourself on the 4th floor if you are used to American numbering.


  • Refrigerators and beds tend to be smaller in France than in the United States. If you are a couple traveling and are concerned about bed width, ask if your agent can provide you with some measurements.