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Renting out a property, rules and transactions

free museums in paris rules receiptAre you ready to rent out your property in Paris? Here is some information about the rules to apply even before starting to welcome the first guests.

Renting out a property in Paris is the best way to help some people realize the dream of living in Paris as a local.

Before starting such an adventure, you must collect some information that will make managing your property for short rentals easier.


Short rentals apartment: about the receipts

If you are willing to rent out a property in Paris, you must be prepared how to manage the transactions.

unforgettable stay property manager guestsAfter equipping your home, and making it perfect to welcome travelers from all over the world, you are now ready to advertise your home for short rentals in Paris on the internet. Once you have made it possible to book it, you will start receiving your first reservations. What you must not forget is that you have to immediately hand in the receipt to your guests.


Short rentals apartment: about the rules

The moment you receive payment for a booking is the right one to send back the receipt. You must not give it physically to the guests, so you can anticipate it by mail. According to the short rental home rules, it will be necessary to enter all the data concerning the customer and the reservation. Also, pay attention to the taxes. Some receipts must contain special stamps, and the responsibility is all yours. This procedure applies to every payment you receive, even when they are made by bank transfer or Paypal. If you use an intermediary like Airbnb or, you don’t need to send a receipt.

Even if renting out a property can be done fully independently, it is strongly recommended to hire professional property managers who know how to rent out properties for short rentals without breaking the rules.

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