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Managing short-term rentals, tips

property management destination rent accommodationAre you going to manage short-term rentals? Here are some pieces of advice that may help you even in the most complex situations.

Managing short-term rentals is not the easiest job. It is one of the bests though! You meet lots of people from all over the world to tell them what’s most beautiful in the city they’re going to visit! As in every other job, property managers always need tips to improve themselves as well. Here are some tips about how to manage a property for short rentals, 2023 updated.


property manager house prices authorization real estate investing short rentalsBest tips about property management, 2023 updates

The tips about managing a short rental apartment in Paris updated to 2023 include the best practices to have incomes without stressing too much.

The first tip about managing short rentals is to always have a plan for emergencies. Just think about the COVID-19 situation! What would you do to protect yourself and your guests as well? What is your refund policy in these cases? Think about it in advance! We always hope we don’t need such plans, but it’s very helpful knowing what to do when something unpredictable happens.

Meeting people is one of the best parts of managing short-term accommodations. But, you may not always have enough time to chat with your guests. The best thing you can do is to have automated check-in and check-out. You can always contact your guests as soon as you can to give some pieces of advice or just to welcome them with more than a message.

Last but not least, create a strong team that helps you with managing all the chores concerning the apartment. Choose the right cleaning company, and ensure all the necessary items are available for every new guest.

If you would like to have more tips about managing an apartment for short rentals, contact us!