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How to go from Paris to London

If you want to go from Paris to London this is the place to be! You can choose from lots of solutions. Here you will find something about everyone. If you are looking for the cheapest way, remember to plan your interrail or flight or journey in advance.



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From Paris to London by train

If you want to go from Paris to London in less than 3 hours, you can do it by train! The Eurostar train goes all the way through the Chunnel. You will leave from the Gare du Nord and you will arrive at St Pancras International station, in the heart of London.

If you want to visit other cities in England, you can take a train to Ashford too. Or, if you want, you can stop also in Calais or in Lille, France.

This is one of the most exciting inter rail ideas!

The real advantage of going to London by train is that you should not arrive late. Plus, the entire travel will last and cost less than a flight! This is really amazing.

To London by bus

If you would not like to go to London by train, think about the car or the bus.

If you choose to take the bus, you will probably spend less than anyone else! Flixbus and Eurolines propose different travel solutions and they all cost little money.  As for other journeys of this type, the first you book, the less you pay. It’s not the best solution if you suffer being under a tunnel for a long time.

Anyway, by choosing this solution, you will cross the Eurotunnel and be in London without driving!

Paris-London by plane

If you want to go from Paris to London by plane, I recommend the cheapest.

If you want to spend less money, opt for the airlines that leave and arrives from and to Beauvais airport. It is the most peripheral airport but you will save money that you can spend once you arrive in London!

Obviously, you need to consider all the adjunctive costs that you could face by choosing this solution. For example, don’t forget to calculate the cost of the transfer from the airports to the cities.

Paris-London by ferry

If you are thinking about don’t take the ferry because you are afraid of wasting your time to go from Paris to London, you are wrong!

The ferry journey only lasts 1 hour and a half. After taking the ferry, you will be very close to London. It is the only solution that does not involve tunnels,  aside from the plane.

If you want to go to London by ferry, you must take the train until Calais and then take the ferry to Dover. After that, you must take a train to London.

If you want to visit Paris and London, you can do it! What you need is some information to know how to move from Paris to London. Here I also propose tickets that you can use to see both Paris and London. Plus, I also suggest how planning a day trip from Paris to London. 

Paris and London, a ticket for both

If you want to visit Paris and London, you need to plan this in advance. Buying this ticket, you won’t worry anymore about how to make it happen.

This Paris and London experience last around 16 hours. The journey lasts just 3 hours. The rest of the day is dedicated to London!

You will go to London by Eurostar train, one of the fastest in Europe. Plus, you will have an audio guide that will explain everything about your journey and as much as she or he can about London! The languages they speak are Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.

I love when a ticket is enough to do more than one thing!

What is very good about this ticket is that once you buy it, you can:

  • Go to London from Paris by Eurostar.
    The standard ticket is for 2nd class but you can pay more and opt for the 1st.
  • Go on a Hop-on, hop-off bus tour in London.
    This means that even if you won’t visit any attractions you will get an idea of the city;
  • Have the chance to join a cruise on the Thames River.
    After that, you will tell your friends if you prefer the Seine or the Thames! If you want, this includes an audio-guide too!

If you are not so good to plan a trip to your holiday in Paris, just find out which of the proposal is the best for you. I really like this one because it includes more than experience in one.

If you have already booked your holiday in Paris but you would like to see London too, this is the solution for you.

As you may already know, I love that you have the possibility to go from Paris to London in various ways. Anyway, when you plan your trip to London from Paris on your own, you risk missing something. That is why I love to propose good solutions.

Day trip to London from Paris

If you decide to go to London from Paris, you can buy this ticket. Why? What includes?

In the first place, you can go to England without stressing about how. You won’t even stress about optimizing your time since you want to see London in a day!

This is how your day trip in London would be!

This experience starts with a comfortable seat on a Eurostar train. The journey will last around 3 hours and the rest of your day is dedicated to the city. Once there, you will have the possibility to join an open-top bus tour. Even if you can’t visit all the attractions of the city, you will surely see all of them by your seat!

This ticket also includes a walking tour and a river cruise on the Thames River. You will see London through three different perspectives: from the bus, on a Cruise and by your feet. You will also have a free map of the city too to orientate yourself immediately.

The departure is around 6 am. You will be back in Paris at 11 pm. Your entire day will be dedicated to visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I know it is very difficult to decide which one to choose for your accommodation. I always recommend doing a list of pros and cons. Anyway, this ticket may be the best way to enjoy London even if, in the end, you prefer Paris!