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How to Study in Paris

study in parisWould you like to study abroad in Paris? Here is some information to get an idea of where you can study, how to apply, and costs.


Study abroad in Paris basics

The French University, how it works

The French university is accessed after the baccalauréat and there is no entrance test. The university system is structured this way:

  • Licence (3 years),
  • Master’s degree, which can be a research or a professional project. If you take the first choice, you can access a Ph.D. program, which lasts about 3 years. The second path, the professional one, ends with an internship.


Besides universities, Paris also hosts Grandes Écoles. Grandes Ecoles are public or private institutions. You can access these institutions by winning a competition or after two years of preparatory class (Classe Préparatoire aux Grande École). The fields of study of the Grandes Écoles vary from Engineering to Commerce and Management, as well as Political Science or Veterinary Science. The diploma you can get by attending such schools is equivalent to our master’s degree.



You can send your application to French universities from January to March. You must attach a French level B2 (DELF) certificate and a high school diploma with an attached translation in French.



How much does it cost to study in France?

If you are planning to study in Paris, take a look at the Cité Universitaires, campuses for students. Or, you can rent a short rentals accommodation for students.

Usually, foreign students who come to Paris spend around 1000 € per month, i.e. 1190 USD for accommodation, books, transports, food, etc. The good news is that the university fees are not very high. They vary from 180 to 600 euros – 213-713 USD. Also, students usually get discounts in restaurants, libraries, and museums.