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Intergenerational cohabitation in Paris

intergenerational cohabitation

The city of Paris is promoting a program of intergenerational cohabitation. That is to solve many problems. On one side, young people in Paris struggle in finding accommodation. On the other side, there are many elder people who feel lonely living alone.


Joining the program of cohabitation means having the possibility to live in Paris in the house of a local while taking time to organize your life at your best.


Here is what is the Charte de la cohabitation intergénérationelle and how it works.


La Charte de la cohabitation intergénérationnelle

La Charte de la cohabitation intergénérationnelle literally stands for The Charter of intergenerational cohabitation.


The City of Paris wishes to encourage intergenerational cohabitation through a program that is a response to 2 problems. On one side, it solves the isolation of seniors, on the other, it is a solution to the need for housing for young people.


intergenerational cohabitation

Through this deal, the various partners undertake to promote intergenerational cohabitation in Paris. The City of Paris monitors, along with the associations that implement intergenerational cohabitation:

  • that the pairs are created under a formula favoring solidarity and the moments spent between the elderly person and the young cohabitant.
  • that the people are brought together without any discrimination
  • ensure that the young cohabitant will have decent accommodation conditions (a furnished room, enough space to study in good conditions) and on the other hand, the smooth running of the cohabitation.


As this is supportive and friendly accommodation, the young cohabitant must not take the place of the caregivers. Associations must always check that the senior can live alone without assistance, or that this assistance is provided to him or her elsewhere, in connection with the latter’s family.


You can get further information from the following associations:

  • Le pariSolidaire IDF
    6, rue Duchefdelaville


  • Ensemble 2 générations
    16 rue Raymond Poincaré