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More tips for students in Paris

students in parisAre you coming to study in Paris? Here are which are the best tips for students in Paris. Make the most of your experience!


Studying in Paris is one of the best experiences you can live at every age. Even if you will understand what means to live in Paris only being here, there is some useful information to know in advance.


Useful tips for students in Paris

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    Keep calm and… find a home!
    The biggest problem faced by all those who studied Paris is finding accommodation.
    Prices are high and finding accommodation right away is not easy, but don’t panic. The first thing to do is to look online for a solution, including student residences and private accommodations for students.
    Also, try looking for a room in an independent apartment! You can do it on rental apartments sites or by contacting us.


  • Speak French!
    A tip to make the most of your study experience in Paris? Learn French. It doesn’t matter if it is easier for you to use English, you will be part of the French community by speaking the local language.


  • Explore Paris
    Once you have found accommodation and your experience have begun, one piece of advice is to explore the city! Its streets, monuments, museums, and neighborhoods. Museums and almost every attraction are free for those under 26.


  • Visit the French castles
    In Paris and in the areas surrounding the city there are beautiful parks, woods, villas, and castles. The weekend is the perfect time to explore castles and woods near Paris!


  • Traveling and more traveling!
    Last but not least, travel! Paris is in the heart of Europe. From Paris, you can easily take flights, trains, and buses. When you are here, don’t miss the opportunity to explore France and other European cities at a low price.