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Museum prices in Paris, ticket costs

Collect the information you need about ticket costs of museums in Paris. Be aware of your budget!

The museums in Paris are a lot! Planning your stay in Paris means including all the time you will spend in some of the most beautiful places in the world, in front of the most important artworks of all time. Since staying in Paris is expensive, take advantage of discounts in Paris, free access to museums.


Museums in Paris, ticket costs

  • The Louvre museum ticket costs € 11 for adults (permanent collection only) or € 15 (permanent and temporary exhibitions). It is free for under 18. Also, it is free on every Sunday of the month!


  • Centre Pompidou ticket cots € 11 for adults. It is free for under 13 and for whoever wants to visit it on the first Sunday of the month.


  • The Musée d’Orsay ticket costs € 6.50. If you are under 18, the access is free. If you are aged 18-25, you can access for free from 4.30, except on Thursdays and Saturdays.


  • The Rodin Museum ticket cost is € 9 for adults, and 5 € for people aged 18-25. If you would like to visit just the garden of the Musée Rodin, you can do it by paying a 1-euro ticket. Under 18 access for free. It is free on the first Sunday of the month.


  • You can visit the tower of the Notre-Dame cathedral by paying a ticket that costs € 8.50 for adults, and it’s free for under 18.


  • The access to the Eiffel Tower costs € 14 for adults, € 12.50 for people aged 12-24; € 9.50 for people aged 4-11, and it is free for children under 4. All these tickets refer to the elevator to the top. You may pay less if you decide to visit the first and second floors only.


  • Les Invalides complex ticket cost is of € 9 for adults, and it is free for under 18