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Paris for a family, tips

Paris for a family is a great idea: it is the perfect city to find different things to do for people of different ages and tastes. Here you will find some useful information about accommodation for families in Paris, events to go and what to do. The aim is to give you ideas that you haven’t think yet.


Let’s see if I can make it!



Things to do in Paris for a family

museum for kids

Museums in Paris for children and kids



Which are the top things to do in Paris for a family?
Even if Paris is always represented as the perfect city for who is in love, people forget to say that it is a perfect destination for families too!

Paris offers a lot to people of all ages. You can just be amazed by its atmosphere and landscapes. Or, you can decide to try to learn something in the Museums in Paris for children and kids.



The best thing to do for a family in Paris is to explore the city altogether, sharing impressions. I understand that it is difficult to plan if you don’t know the city and that is why I propose both free programs through Paris Travel Planning and more specific ones on request. If you are looking for funnier things to do for a family in Paris, I suggest trying the followings:


  • Bike-tour for a family in Paris
    Family bike-tours in Paris are a must! You can choose among many services of this type. It is something to do because the family sees the attractions in Paris from a different perspective. I also recommend such experiences. From transports, even from a bike, everything is different. That is why I recommend seeing Paris from the Seine! If you don’t want to rent a bike but you still see Paris riding a bike, you can think about renting one.


  • Cooking and baking class for families in Paris
    Most of the families in Paris don’t think about getting cooking and baking class for families in Paris. That is a huge mistake! I recommend booking a class to spend some unforgettable time with your family fully experiencing the food of another Country.


  • Shows in Paris for families
    Paris is always full of events. Shows in Paris for families vary from month to month too. That means that you will surely find something to do during your time in Paris!


  • Disneyland Paris
    Even if it’s not always my favorite activity for a family in Paris to recommend, going to Disneyland is still one of the mandatory stages for families in Paris. Since there is too much to say about Disneyland Paris, I suggest adding the Disneyland Paris Guide to your bookmarks!



Paris for a family with kids

If you are planning to come to Paris with your family which includes children or kids, take a look at Paris with kids.
Also, Paris Travel Planning includes some dedicated programs to who comes to Paris with kids:


paris with kids 1-day program

1 day in Paris with kids program

Consult the Paris with Kids Day Program, Paris in 1 day if you have the chance to spend even just one day in the city.






paris with kids 2 days

Weekend in Paris with kids, program

The Paris With Kids 2 days program is perfect for who is for a weekend in Paris!





3 days in paris for kids

3 days in Paris with kids

People who are in Paris for more than a weekend can collect some ideas from this Paris With Kids 3 days program.





paris with kids

Paris with kids, tips

Last but not least, there are always useful information to know when you are in Paris with kids! See what is Good to know: Paris with kids tips.




Accommodations in Paris for families


There are plenty of hotels and hostels for families in Paris but if you are looking for where to stay in Paris with a family, I think you need another type of accommodation.

Even the hotels offer many services and comforts, nowadays you can access them choosing a short rental apartment too. Housing for families in Paris on holidays is very common. Be very careful when choosing your short rental accommodation in Paris!


What is good about apartments for short rentals in Paris is that you can find them for large families too. You can easily find an apartment for a family of 5 or 6 in Paris.


The real plus of choosing this solution is that you are fully independent but not alone in case of help or urgency. Also, what I like about the apartment as accommodation is that you have full control of what’s happening in the house at each moment. That’s not something that always happens in a hotel with spare rooms or hostels, even if some of them are good in Paris.




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Restaurants in Paris for families


Where should a family eat in Paris? Paris is for families in the food too.

When I travel, I think that it’s important to explore the culinary culture of the place I’m visiting too. That is why I think all the people of a family in Paris should do the same. Also, Parisian cuisine is so various that it needs to be tasted from everyone!

Starting from simple dishes as the charcuteries, some must-eats are the onion soups and the omelet! My favorite French dish is salty and sweet crepes anyway. Since I know that restaurants in Paris are important for everyone and not for who is seeking restaurants in Paris for families only, I noted down the best places to go in Paris. Take a look at “where to eat in Paris” in the right bar of this page!


Frequently Asked Questions – Paris for families


  • Is Paris family-friendly?
    Of course. Paris is the perfect city to go with a family composed of people of different ages too. Kids’ activities are of so high-quality that adults enjoy them too. And, art captures the attention of everyone. Parisian landscape charms both adults and children! There are so many different things to see – find out what to see in Paris – and to do that it’s possible to create a specific plan with activities for all the members of a family in Paris.


  • Where should a family stay in Paris?
    Through this site, you can find so many accommodations for a family in Paris. That is because they all are in safe areas and they are selected because of their comfortable and wide spaces. Anyway, I would choose accommodation for families in Le Marais!


  • Is Paris child and kids friendly?
    Yes, Paris loves children and kids! That is why here you can find an entire section dedicated to the activities to do in Paris for a family!


  • What should I avoid in Paris?
    Whether you are coming to Paris with kids or not, I always recommend avoiding crowded places as the Eiffel Tower neighborhoods or the roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe. Also, I would avoid public toilets too if not strictly necessary!


  • Is Paris safe in 2020?
    When you will be in Paris, you will experience lots of control at every access, whether it’s a shop, a church or a museum. This not means that you won’t have to pay attention anyway, as in every other city of the world.


  • Paris for families is cheap?
    No, I would not say so. That is because Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Anyway, Paris on a budget is a possible experience for a family too. Take a look at the Paris for Free section!
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  • Museums in Paris

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    Where to eat in Paris

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    Where to go shopping in Paris

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