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Paris with kids tips, good to know

Paris with kids tips is good to know for many reasons. You might be in Paris with kids because you are in the city with your family or, you might be in Paris with kids for work too!

Here is some information you might consider for your stay in Paris with your children and kids.


Children and kids love Paris too!



Paris with kids, good to know



  •  Choose the best transports
    If you are coming to Paris with kids you can choose the best transports for each situation. To come to Paris, I recommend taking the plane even with kids since usually is the fastest way to come to Paris. Find out more about Direct Flights from Paris CDG and Paris Orly uptadet list. Once you are in the city, you have many ways to go from the airport to Paris city center. Usually, I recommend buying a transports pass and then using public transports. But, if you are a lot of people, you can also consider taking a taxi, considering that the fixed rate to go from the airport to the city center is 50 €. One of the greatest Paris with kids tips is to take the bus if you use a stroller! You can move around Paris with the stroller but I don’t recommend taking in it in metro stations. They always are very crowded and messy.



  • A green alternative
    If you are not into museums, you can explore the city and find out which parks in Paris are the best. For example, Tuileries are full of merry-go-rounds and roundabouts, Parc de la Villette is the place to learn and be entertained. There is so much to discover through kids perspective! And, of course, if you have enough time you can go to Disneyland Paris too!


  • Mind what you eat
    It is not very simple to focus on where to eat in Paris. If you ware in Paris with kids, it might be even more difficult! Anyway, I wouldn’t be afraid since French and Parisian cuisine includes also toasts, omelets, french fries… food that children and kids are used to! You may also consider going to prét-à-manger eating points. Paris is rich in places where you can buy fresh sandwiches and salads. You can also buy a sandwich with fresh ingredients you choose. Adults can buy something elaborated while kids can eat a simple and genuine sandwich.


  • Choose your spot to see Paris from above
    Seeing a city as Paris from above is an emotion that everyone wants to feel. People of all ages are enchanted by Paris from every point of view and I recommend seeking the most famous view in Paris too. Anyway, another Paris with kids tips is to choose the best spot to make this experience happen. I recommend going on Montmartre but I wouldn’t take the Montmartre funicular since it is always very crowded. Also, consider admiring the Tour Eiffel without getting on top for the same reason. I think it’s better to enjoy spaces leaving the kids free to walk but having the possibility to watch them every second.


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