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Paris for Ladies info and advice

If you want to plan a Paris for Ladies travel, here a bunch of advice. I think it is a great idea to go to Paris whether you are a woman alone in her first solo travel or if you are in a group of friends.

Paris is perfect since there is always a lot to do. If you just follow some indications, you shouldn’t find yourself in trouble.



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Paris for Ladies, how to plan

If you are a woman alone or you are planning a Paris for Ladies holiday with your friends or colleagues, here some piece of advice from a woman too.


I think that Paris is a great choice for the situations I described. That is because you can stay safe and there is always something to do. It is impossible to be bored in Paris! That is why I recommend it as a destination to who wants to travel alone for the first time too.


For these reasons, I think that great advice is to plan what you want to do and where you want to go to Paris. You can collect some ideas about What to See in Paris. But, if you would like to have a more precise proposal planner for Paris for Ladies, I suggest taking a look at Paris Travel Planning! Every program I propose allows you to get to know Paris.


Anyway, if you are a woman alone in Paris or you are in more ladies in Paris, I suggest to don’t overbook your days! Don’t over-schedule planning too much what you want to do.


I mean: book only a few tours of the things you love the most. Then, read a bunch of guidebooks about Paris and try to mix the things up! Plan your days mixing which are the “must-dos” in Paris with the attractions that have something to do with what you like!



Paris for Ladies, how to dress

I know: it seems that I am shallow but most of the women interested in Paris look for advice about how to dress in Paris too!


When you are planning a Paris for Ladies’ travel experience, you need to collect some ideas about your suitcase too. You can read my suitcase guide to Paris, good for every season.


Plus, I suggest you remember that Parisians love the casual-chic style. If you want to mix with the locals, put away your fluo shirts and hot pants and look for something more simple and classic. Find out more about Parisian Style and how to follow it!

A piece of good advice is to take with you a bag with a top zipper!!!


You will be more comfortable and safe!



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Latest pill tips for women in Paris


  • Beware of pickpockets
    Even if everybody tries to keep everything safe, beware of pickpockets wherever you are. Always pay attention to people who might spot you as vulnerable. You can still relax keeping your eyes open.


  • Paris for ladies? Not in these areas
    Paris is super safe. And there are lots of controls. Anyway, I suggest don’t walk around alone in areas such as Les Halles, Chatelet, Jaures, Gare du Nord, and Stalingrad. Also, be extra careful at night! If you want to know where to go in Paris at night, learn more about Paris at night.


  • Note down some helpful numbers
    This is not a Paris for ladies’ advice only. This is always true: you should note down the helpful numbers you may need in case of danger or emergency. Here is a list of Helpful numbers to know in Paris.


  • Don’t drink too much!
    It might seem obvious but drinking too much is not a good idea whether you are alone in Paris or not, prescinding from your gender!
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