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Paris Metro Line 10, stops and info

Paris Metro Line 10 has a route that a certain point splits in two sections. One is at the east section of Boulogne Pont de Saint-Cloud and the other one is on the west side.

This RATP Metro line has the same timetable as the others. The first departure is at 5.30 a.m. and the last one at 5.30 a.m. You can go to the Gare d’Austerlitz to Boulogne in about 30 minutes. It is really efficient!

By taking Paris Metro line 10you can only take the RER C – at Javel André Citroen or at Gare d’Austerlitz or Cluny stations – or the RER B, getting off at Cluny – La Sorbonne station.

Paris Metro line 10 is good to go to Les Invalides, where you can visit the grave of Napoleon. You can also go to the Latin Quarter, getting off at Saint-Michele. Another attraction that I really recommend visiting is the gardens at Auteuil!



Paris Metro line 10 stops

  • Gare d’Austerlitz (Arrondissement 13)
  • Jussieu (Arrondissement 5)
  • Cardinal Lemoine (Arrondissement 5)
  • Maubert – Mutualité (Arrondissement 5)
  • Cluny – La Sorbonne (Arrondissement 5)
  • Odeon (Arrondissement 6)
  • Mabillon (Arrondissement 6)
  • Sevres – Babylone (Arrondissement 6)
  • Vaneau (Arrondissement 6)
  • Duroc (Arrondissement 6)
  • Ségur (Arrondissement 7)
  • La Motte-Picquet (Arrondissement 15)
  • Grenelle (Arrondissement 15)
  • Avenue Emile-Zola (Arrondissement 15)
  • Charles Michels (Arrondissement 15)
  • Javel – André Citroen (Arrondissement 15)

Est Section

  • Eglise d’Auteuil (Arrondissement 16)
  • Michel-Ange – Augeuil (Arrondissement 16)
  • Porte d’Auteuil (Arrondissement 16)
  • Boulogne Jean Jaurès
  • Boulogne – Pont de Saint-Cloud

West Section

  • Mirabeau (Arrondissement 16)
  • Chardon Lagache (Arrondissement 16)
  • Michel-Ange – Molitor (Arrondissement 16)
  • Boulogne Jean Jaures
  • Boulogne – Pont de Saint-Cloud

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