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Paris Museum Pass, updated info

pass museums parisUpdated information on the Paris Museum Pass. Find out what you can visit and the prices of this special card.

The Paris Museum Pass is the official museum card of the city of Paris. It is a card that allows you to visit many museums in Paris without having to buy a ticket every time. It can be valid for 48, 96, or 144 hours.

The card gives travelers one-time access to monuments and museum collections. The choice of the date and time of activation of the pass is free.

Paris has always been one of the most visited cities in the world. That’s why you always find long lines to access the most famous museums. Access to most of them usually costs around 20 euros per adult.
The Paris Museum Pass is the cheapest way to visit as many museums and monuments as possible during a stay in Paris. Plus, this card gives you the right to skip the lines! Buying the Paris Museum Pass means having the entrance ticket to the attraction already with you.

Paris Museum Pass validity

Paris Museum Pass is valid for 48, 96, or 144 hours and no longer for 2, 4, or 6 days. The pass is automatically validated on your first visit to a museum or a monument in Paris.
Paris Museum Pass holders can activate the card at any time of the day and enjoy the time of the visit at their own pace. The 2-day Paris Museum Pass is valid for 48 hours. The 4-day pass is valid for 96 hours; the 6-day pass is valid for 144 hours.

first sunday ot the monthCard prices

The 48-hour pass costs 52 euros, and the 4-day pass 66 euros. Paris Museum Pass for 6 days or 144 hours costs 78 euros.

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