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Paris Sales 2020

When are Paris sales? When do Paris sales start? When do Paris sales end? Here are all the answers about the days you can go shopping and saving money in Paris!


Paris Winter Sales 2020 


Winter Sales 2020 in Paris will be from January 10 to February 20. As the tradition wants, winter sales in Paris begin the second Wednesday of January. If it is after the 12th, they are anticipated on the first Wednesday in January. Winter sales in Paris are super-convenient since you can save up 30% or 50%! Most clothes and objects have 50%, or 80% discounts.



Paris Summer Sales 2020 


As for Winter,  Paris Summer Sales 2020 responds to their traditions too! They begin every last Wednesday of June and they last for 5 weeks. If they begin after the 28th, the starting-day is a Wednesday earlier. Summer Sales 2020 in Paris begin on June 21.




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Even if there are some differences between the sales calendar in Paris, and in other cities of France, sales always last 5 weeks. But how do they work?

  • On sales week 1, prices have a 30% or 40% discount;
  • On sales week 2 and 3 prices have a discount of more than 50%.


Winter and Summer sales 2020 in Paris, where to go shopping

If you are in Paris during Winter or Summer sales 2020, you are very lucky! You can save lots of money buying in the best boutiques in the world.

Some of the most famous streets to go shopping are:

  • Avenue des Champs-Elysees
  • Avenue Marceau
  • Avenue Montaigne
  • Rue du Faubourg Saint Onoré


But, if you do prefer going to huge stores, you can still opt for the chicest ones! Just note down the following ones:

  • Galeries LaFayette, Rue La Fayette
  • Les Halles, Rue Montorgueil

Figuring out where to go shopping in Paris is not so easy but there are shops and boutiques for every taste. That is, if you are a fashion victim, I suggest taking a look at the ultimate guide about where to go shopping in Paris.

Also, if you love fashion, you must visit Le Marais!!!


Train for Paris Sales!!!


Paris Sales 2020 tips

I have two essential tips about Paris sales 2020:


  • Think about what you want to buy
    Always think twice before going shopping! I know it is such an easy way to entertain. But, it is necessary to think about what you really need or want to buy to actually save your money! If you can’t control yourself about shopping, you can select the items you want online and then buy only them once you go to the shop.


  • Choose in advance
    If you have the chance to explore your favorite shops before Paris “soldes” start, you can spot and try what you wish to buy, and be prepared when the price will be lower! I know that it requests time but now you can take advantage of taking a look online. And, you will save tons of money! If you are planning an entire holiday about shopping with discounts in Paris, I recommend selecting the places where to go shopping in advance, creating your personal shopping tour. Contact me if you want me to plan one for you!



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FR/US, How to convert your size!

If you want to experience Paris Winter or Summer sales 2020, I suggest learning in advance which is your corresponding size in France!

  • The US size “S” corresponds to a 36 in France
  • The US size “M” is a French 38
  • “L” US size is a French size 40
  • The “XL” US size is a 42 in France.
  • What you can find at

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