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Paris Weather Forecasts, September 2023

paris septemberAre you planning to come to Paris in September? Collect all the info you need to prepare the perfect luggage. Here is all the info about weather forecasts and about how to dress in Paris in September.

Weather Forecasts, September 2023

The weather in Paris in September 2023 is expected to be comfortable with an average low of 50 to 60°F (10 to 15.5°C) and an average high of 65 to 75°F (18 to 23.8°C). There may be some rainfall, with an average of 3 to 8 days of rain expected during the month.

It’s important to note that weather forecasts can change, and it’s always a good idea to check the forecast closer to your travel date for the most accurate information.

Overall, September is a great time to visit Paris as the temperatures are mild and the crowds are thinner than in the summer months. So, start planning your trip to Paris in September 2023 and get ready to enjoy all that the city has to offer! Read more about Slow Travelling in Paris: Embracing the Joys of the City of Love

How to dress in Paris in September

paris september 2019

Paris in September is a transitional month, with temperatures ranging from mild to warm during the day and cooler at night. It’s important to pack layers that can easily be added or removed as the temperature changes throughout the day. A great Parisian outfit in September would be a dressy top (or the type of top you’d wear to work) paired with nice jeans (preferably ankle-length slim or skinny jeans).

It’s also a good idea to bring a light sweater or cardigan, a scarf, and comfortable walking shoes, as Paris is a city best explored on foot. A waterproof jacket or coat is also recommended, as there may be some rainfall during the month.

In terms of colors, black is always a classic choice in Paris, but adding a pop of color like red or green can add some fun to your outfit. It’s also worth noting that Parisians tend to dress more formally than Americans, so avoid wearing athletic wear or anything too casual 3.

Overall, the key to dressing in Paris in September is to pack versatile pieces that can be layered and mixed and matched to create different outfits, while keeping in mind the city’s fashion-forward culture.